Why It’s Really Important To Celebrate Those Moments With Him!

Why It’s Really Important To Celebrate Those Moments With Him!

Does commemorating “one month of seeing each other” or celebrating “your first kiss anniversary” sound cheesy? Well, it shouldn’t. Why wait for the big events when you can find reasons to celebrate each other and your relationship often? Isn’t it nice to receive red roses or sexy lingerie with tiny cupids on a day that’s special to you? Like someone said…forever-afters are made of a string of many little nows. Here’s why you must celebrate the humdrum moments to deepen and strengthen your bond.

  1. Cherishing the moment

Of course, the birthdays and the anniversaries are important, but so is that day when you went on a long drive, paused by a tree and made the decision to start a family. Or when you first walked in the rain. Think about the things that meant something to you both. It doesn’t even have to be the exact same date…just the memory of that phase is bliss!

  1. Appreciating the effort

Celebrating a milestone is about the fact that you appreciate your partner and your association. It allows you both to see everything you’ve survived and accomplished together. It inculcates within you a sense of gratitude, making you realize that you have a lot to be thankful for – the happy moments, the lessons you learned and the precious time you’ve spent together… Everything counts.

  1. Walking down memory lane

Most of us tend to forget many things that happened to us throughout a relationship. Reliving a memory triggers a trip back in time from where you started up to where you are now. Doing that over a nice cup of chai and biscuits to dunk on the outskirts of the city is definitely a good proposition.

  1. Creating new memories

And just as you are marking a milestone, you are in fact creating a new memory that will add to the sum of all the good things you will cherish in the future too. Besides, you’ll always want to get better with each celebration. A total win-win, right?

  1. Breaking the monotony

When you look for things to celebrate, you are focusing on positive experiences and wanting to get away from the everyday rigmarole. It gives you an opportunity to pause for a while and count your blessings and do something fun and interesting. Think of ways to spice things up!

  1. Re-establishing your relationship

Another plus – you get to take the time to see what you’ve accomplished as a couple and fix problems if any. Besides, you must acknowledge that you’ve reached a milestone and celebrate it because, in some form, it also signifies that you’ve grown as a couple and have reached a point that many people just dream of.

The simple things you do to celebrate a milestone can go a long way. Take your partner out on a date, give them a token of your appreciation. Do some social display of affection on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter if you both are comfortable with virtual PDA. Go ahead… Make your partner (and yourself) feel awesome at every step of your relationship.

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