How To Show You Love Them – When Words Aren’t Enough!

How To Show You Love Them – When Words Aren’t Enough!

Love is not a single sentiment – it is a string of emotions, deeply attached to each other. While the three magic words mean a lot, sometimes, they aren’t enough to tell your man how much he means to you and how much you value his existence in your life. So why not take a different route and express your love without saying ‘I Love You’ for once – because actions speak louder than words!
1. Pet talking

When he waited for you for an hour in the rain while you were stuck in traffic – have his, yours or a good friend’s pet pose with a placard that says ‘Thank you for waiting… You mean the world to her!’ Click a photo and send it to him!
2. Bake a cake

It’s really not all that difficult. Give it a try. Or buy one from a bakery and write ‘for my hot property’ on it with frosting.
3. Get crafty

Wrap a box with the cover of his favourite magazine. Inside, place a framed magazine cover with his photograph on it. Write a note saying, ‘Don’t forget me when you reach the top!’ We know it might sound silly but it will mean a lot!
4. Hot invite

Send him an envelope with an offer for a sensuous massage that he just can’t resist. He’ll surely reply with a ‘can’t wait!’. Or, you never know, he might just turn up!
5. Play on

Get him something to play with – a cool, new gadget or a new video game that just released. He’ll know that you really, really care then!
6. Showered with love

Get in the shower and give him a bath – wash his hair, scrub his back, make him soak his feet… Pamper him till he can’t be pampered anymore!
7. Surprise, surprise

Put together a hamper, full of his favourite childhood sweets. Add a sweet note on top that begins with, ‘To the child in you!’
8. Make a playlist

Super, duper clichéd, but make a playlist of his favourite tracks for him to listen to on his way to work and back – he’ll appreciate it every day.
9. Drop by at work

For an impromptu lunch or a quick cup of coffee, if you can! Or even just to say hi, if you’re in the neighbourhood. Just watch his face brighten up when he sees you!
10. Work help

Helping him out with a problem. If he can’t manage his chores, find him an app that’ll make things easier for him. If he’s nervous about a presentation, offer to be his audience!
11. Hug often

Nothing compares to a big bear (or bare) hug! *Wink*

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