#Holi: 12 skin and hair care tips to make the festival safe and joyful

#Holi: 12 skin and hair care tips to make the festival safe and joyful

Holi is a festival of colours and happiness. But this vibrant festival can also cause damage to your hair and skin. Here are a few hair and skin care tips to make your Holi safe and joyful.
Along with all the balloons, pichkari and gulal, here’s a checklist that you need to add to your shopping list as well to have a tension free Holi:

1: Avoid facial and threading:
Don’t get facial, threading, or waxing is done 3 -4 days before Holi. These treatments make your skin sensitive and leave your pores open. A freshly treated skin coming in contact with colours might cause irritation and rashes.

2: Layers of foundations:
Wear makeup to Holi? Hell yeah! But only if you play Holi with dry colours. Put a layer of foundation on your face and neck. It’ll protect your skin from the damage done by colours. However, if you play with water, chances are there that the foundation will come off.

3: Massage your scalp:
The harmful toxins present in the dry and wet colours used to play Holi can make your hair dry and frizzy. Oil your hair from the scalp to tip of the hair the night before. Massaging your scalp works phenomenally on your hair. Use any coconut based hair oil or jojoba and castor oil mixed together. Use this mixture to massage your scalp thoroughly. The oil will also act as a protective covering layer to your hair. It will help to clean your hair easily when you wash off the colours.

4: Add few drops of lemon to your oil:
Prior to applying the hair oil, combine a few drops of lemon to the oil and then apply it. The lemon will help in keeping the toxins from the colours from destroying your hair. Those who have a tender scalp or those who have dandruff should surely use lemon and oil mix on their hair.

5: Do not use shampoo:
Do not shampoo your hair a day before or on the same day of Holi. Using shampoo will loose all your natural oils.

6: Braid your hair or wear a cap:
Those who have long hair should braid it or tie it up. This helps as not all the hair is exposed to the colour stains. You can also use a cap or tie a bandana to keep your hair protected.

7: Moisturise all over your body:
Apply oil or cream all over your body, including hands, feet, and elbows. Do the oiling part at least 20-25 minutes before you start. Use an ample amount of moisturiser.

8: Sunscreen:
When constantly under the sun in the water, there are very high chances to catch a patchy tan. Apply sunscreen all over your body. Make sure that the moisturiser has an SPF as you do not want to catch a tan from the sun!

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9: Ear Lobes:
Behind your ears and ear lobes are areas that we tend to forget and the colour seeps in which later gets very hard to take off. Apply some petroleum jelly inside your earlobes and behind your ears.

10: Clothing:
Needless to say, the more covered you are the better, as the clothes will naturally add a protective layer on your skin. Choose to wear clothes that would cover maximum parts of your body. The best choices would be high-necks or full-sleeves. Wear dark colour full sleeves cotton clothes. Synthetics would be sticky and denim would be heavy once you have a bucket full of water splashed on you.

11: Nail paints:
Nails remain stained long after Holi as they are porous in nature. Apply a dark coloured nail polish. Most of the colour on your nails will come off when you remove the polish.12: Lips:
For lips, apply a lip balm generously. Protect your lips with a lip balm, we suggest a lip balm with SPF.

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