How to Show Your Boyfriend You Care

How to Show Your Boyfriend You Care

1 Plan a romantic evening. One of the best ways to show your boyfriend you care is to dedicate an entire evening to love and romance.

Have a movie night. Clean the sitting room, light some candles and rent his favorite movie (hint: it’s not The Notebook). Prepare a selection of his favorite treats – popcorn, gummy bears, nachos, whatever. Grab some pillows and a cozy blanket and get all snuggled up on the couch.
Prepare a starlight picnic. Wait for a warm, clear night and pack a picnic for the two of you to enjoy beneath the stars. It could be wine and caviar, or beer and beef jerky – it’s the thought that counts. Grab a blanket and head out to the garden, park or roof – bring binoculars if you have them!
Go all out. Scatter rose petals on the bed, wear your sexiest undies and light a million candles. Prepare champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries if the mood takes you. When he arrives home, call him to the bedroom in your sultriest voice, where you’ll be draped sexily across the bed waiting for him. He’ll take care of the rest.
2. Organize a day trip. Planning a fun outing for just the two of you is a great way to show your man that you care. Try to pick a destination that he will enjoy, don’t just drag him around the nearest shopping mall!

Go to the beach: If you live near the ocean, spending a day at the beach is the perfect way to enjoy some quality time together. Go for a swim, play beach volleyball or build an enormous sandcastle. Even if it’s a little chilly, you can enjoy exploring the sand dunes and breathing in the fresh sea air, all while walking hand in hand.
Go to a gallery or museum. If your guy is the cultured type, why not take him to an art gallery or museum. Have a look online to see what exhibitions are currently running – you’d be surprised at the number of events taking place on any given day, especially in large cities. You can even buy him a macchiato afterwards, just to complete the artsy experience!
Go for a hike. Going on a hike may not seem like the most romantic of activities, but it can be a great bonding experience, especially if your guy is the outdoorsy type. As long as the hike isn’t too strenuous, it’ll give the two of you a great chance to talk and catch up with what’s going on in each other’s lives. And if you’re lucky, you’ll have a fantastic view once you get to the top- making it the perfect location for some romantic smooching.
3 Cook his favorite dinner. It may seem old-fashioned, but there’s more than a grain of truth to the expression “the way to a man’s heart is through his belly”. Aside from the delicious meal, he’ll appreciate the time and effort you put into making something purely for his enjoyment.

Think about what you’re going to cook – would he prefer roast chicken and vegetables? A perfectly cooked steak? Or would he prefer something simple like mac and cheese, or spaghetti and meatballs?
If in doubt, why not call his mother to get a few suggestions, or even the exact recipes she uses? If you can learn to cook like his mom, he will love you forever!
Turn the whole meal into an experience – set the table, use your best crockery and silverware. Light some candles, aerate the wine and play some laid-back music.
If you’re a terrible cook, you could also consider getting his favorite take-out. Just make sure to present it nicely – don’t make him eat it from the plastic container!
4. Offer to give him a massage. Giving your boyfriend a romantic massage is the ideal, intimate way of showing how much you appreciate him. It will help him to relax and let go of any tension (and maybe even get him turned-on).

Prepare a calming environment to give your boyfriend his massage. Your bedroom will work just fine – just make sure to lay a towel down first to protect the covers. Dim the lights and play some soothing music.
Ask him to remove all of his clothes (though he can leave his underpants on if he prefers) and lie face down on the bed. Start from his feet, working up his legs, along his back and shoulders, to his neck and the top of his head. Apply firm pressure and use long, relaxing strokes.
Make sure to use some massage oil, as this will prevent you from pulling or pinching, and allow your hands to glide smoothly over his skin instead. You can buy a special massage oil, or simply use any sunflower or grape seed oil you might have in the kitchen.
5 Be affectionate. One of the simplest things you can do to show your boyfriend you care is to be affectionate. Both of you lead busy lives, so it’s very easy to forget the importance of human contact, but getting a little touchy-feely is a great way to reignite the spark between the two of you.

Give him a kiss before he goes to work – not just a peck on the cheek, but a full-on, open-mouthed, ten-second affair. Tell him he’ll get another one when he gets home – he’ll be thinking about it all day!
Attack him with a bear hug every so often, when he least expects it. Wrap your arms around him and give him a tight squeeze. Research has shown that frequent hugs raise serotonin levels, causing people to feel calmer and happier.
Hold hands when you’re out and about, lean your head on his shoulder while you’re watching TV, or just run your fingers through his hair when he’s sitting at his desk. Don’t let yourselves become the couple who sits on opposite sides of the room, not talking. Being affectionate will bring you closer.

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