In the world , everything, substance, man , and other animals are made from the Panchmahabhoot that is the five basic elements . The earth, the sky , the wind, the water and the fire . The five elements have close relationship with man and his environment. Nature has given them their proper place according to merit.

If we give proper place to these elements at proper places in our building we become one with nature. Actually, nature  i s God. One can experience the eternal truths of nature on every step . The whole of nature is overpowered with magnetic environment.

‘’Oh God of the edifice, we are your real devotees. Hearing our prayers make us free of diseases and by giving health and prosperity help the well being of all persons and animal living in the house.

A house constructed as per the principles of Vastu will definitely yield good results and lead to the happy living of the inhabitant, while a house built casually without following the tenets of Vastu results in great misery and unhappiness to the inhabitant.Since the science of Vastu is secular and universal , it does not distinguish between the users depending on their caste and creed . Just as light , space, heat, water,and nature do not place any restriction on their users the science of vastu also throws open its tents to humanity at large . That being the case the question whether the science of vastu is believable, stands answered because of its universal efficacy.

In the building techniques also drastic changes were made by man, resulting in forgetting that Vastushastra is the base of all construction. Of course, attention was only paid to the beautification and strange structural design. For that , costly building material was used .As all these structures do not follow the basic rules of the science, it resulted in pain , failure and friction . because of this large number of people are entering a state of mental tension and unhappiness.

If a house does not provide mental peace it is useless. A house is actually  not made up of stones, bricks , cement and lime, but , it is made of human interactions.

Vastu purusha is present in each and every plot whether it is big or small. He has a fixed and peculiar body. His head remains hanging down and his body is spread all over the length and breadth of the ground.

In old times maximum use of wood was made in the construction . Wood is bad conductor of electricity and as such does not interfere with the power in the environment. Today wood being very costly , minimum use of wood is made in the    construction. On the other hand , steel , iron, aluminium etc;   metals are used on a large scale . With their divine vision , the sage and seers created Vastushastra so that man should live a happy and prosperous life with his family .

Many times a man purchase s plot , land or house because it is inexpensive . he does not pay any attention to the usefulness or harmfulness of the same. If he purchases plot , land or house using the concepts of Vastushastra then that will to an extent guarantee to a happy and healthy life.

‘’VASTU SHASTRA’’, The science of building houses is a vast and deep one. It is an ocean. Of course , in spite of my knowledge of the science attained in the company of the well learned pundits, and by reading books on the subject , I feel I am still a learner, and know very little.

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