Yogi Adiyanath: Miles to go with hitch ride in UP

Yogi Adiyanath: Miles to go with hitch ride in UP

The appointment of hardliner Hindu ideologue Yogi Adityanath as Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has come as a surprise for all, even within the party while it is drawing lots of criticism on the social media questioning the saffron party election agenda and promises of development.

While it has left all the political pundits scratching for an answer as how a dark horse emerged from the no-where to take the reins of most populous state.

The reasons are being searched for such a tactic step by the Bharatiya Janata Party in Uttar Pradesh. Is it to keep the majority retained by the saffron party along with the caste factor as a vote bank, as the Yogi addresses both, for Thakur community being an upper caste and as Mahant of Gorakhpur Math.? The influence of Gorakhpur Math has spread far beyond the constituency to nearby area where his clout rules.

Yogi Adityanath had stated that he would follow the steps of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on development for all, but how could he take the development aspect to the common man it has to be seen.

Even though he had been five times MP but he could not push the developmental aspect in his own constituency and lack of administration is also another drawback with him. It is the reason that questions are being raised as how he has been elevated. Or is he being projected as a strong headed leader who can deal with the UPs law and order situation. The other aspect is construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya, which he had been advocating for long. One thing is everyone has to wait and watch the developments unfolding.

With political developments apart, had Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP party chief Amit Shah played a balancing card is also another question simmering in everyone’s mind. General a single person is nominated as deputy Chief Minister. Keshav Prasad Maurya, a grassroot RSS worker and low key leader hails from OBC community was handpicked to lead the UP before state assembly elections. He proved his leaders that they did not fail in their selection.

Meanwhile, Dinesh Sharma also a grassroot RSS worker, is the young upper-caste face handpicked by Modi. Dinesh having engineering background has been Mayor of Lucknow and had been vice president of Uttar Pradesh BJP unit. He is also national vice president of BJP and was incharge of Gujrat after 2014 election. So, both of them would go for collective leadership where they would have to do the balancing act.

If one goes for analysis, Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati had raised the demand for dividing Uttar Pradesh into four parts, after the Telangana. She had demanded four smaller units of Purvanchal, Bundelkhand, Awadh Pradesh and Paschim Pradesh. She had also extended support for separate state movements of Gorkhaland and Vidarbha. Her comments drew sharp criticism from all the major political parties stating that it is a selfish motive.

Then Bharatiya Janata Party had dismissed the statement as political gimmick stating that it is in favour of small states but dividing state is not a solution. The party has stated for constituting a state reorganisation committee considering economic and developmental issues. Samajwadi Party also opposed the statement in strong words while Congress then lashed out stating that it is Mayawati’s selfish interest that such a demand is being raised. Rashtriya Lok Das (RLD) leader Ajit Singh had extended support to Mayawati on the issue, where he demanded formation of Harit Pradesh (Paschim Pradesh) by carving the Western UP. He had pointed out that it generates 72 percent of revenue for UP.

Meanwhile, those in favour of division of the most populous state of country feels that it would bring governance, proximity for public to reach government offices, courts among others, proper utilisation of central funds, increased growth rate and better living standards. But those standing against it states that quality of governance will come only through leadership and vision to drive ahead, while it would in a way have limitations of self sustainability in terms of natural and human resources. The cost would go high for infrastructure along with efforts to build such large projects. Again the other ground realities that would hurt are religion, caste, creed, language, culture among others which make things more fragile.

Now, the question is that will BJP come up with such an agenda as the party had been changing stand after coming to power in many states and Centre. Taking example of GST, it had opposed, now it is in forefront for implementation of it. In same lines, BJP may consider it as a mode to push the developmental agenda by controlling the state ant also its political future.

So, once again everyone has to keep the fingers crossed and wait for the unfolding of political dramas in UP, as Yogi Adityanath has to prove his mettle, in leading the state instead of words with several hitch rides. Everyone would be baying for his blood due to his of hardliner Hindu ideologue. He has to remain grounded to serve the people otherwise this huge mandate would wash away in no time, with upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha election. He has short period to prove himself.


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  1. Shashi Kumar
    March 19, 19:57 Reply
    Yogiji should mend his ways, words and attitude to suit the high voltage position he has been given, whatever the political exigency of BJP in reaching this decision. But considering the firebrand attitude , it is very difficult to see a sea change. Now he is the CM of the biggest state, let us hope and see the positives in his personality and hope the state benefit under his administration.

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