Mira Rajput gets bashed by her college mate for her comments on feminism

Mira Rajput gets bashed by her college mate for her comments on feminism

Mira Rajput on the occasion of Women’s Day talked about housewives and working women. But, her comments turned into a controversy and did not go well with many.

People on social media bashed Shahid Kapoor’s wife about her idea of feminism. As per a popular daily, one of Mira’s classmates wrote an open letter on her Facebook page. She revealed Mira’s days during her college time and blasted her for her stance.

Here’s the open letter:

Dear Mira,

Having watched your interview, I feel extremely enraged today. I’ve spent three years in the same college and batch as you. I can say today with confidence that your idea of feminism is extremely flawed. Seeing you walk around with your posse in college, belittling women who were not skinny enough or did not subscribe to your fashion ‘standards’ makes me wonder what you ever did to have a moral high ground over anyone at any point. Your narrow world view is astounding, to say the least. And not to forget, how your statement about working mothers takes us years back in reaching actual empowerment of which you seem to know nothing.

With lots of aggression,

An informed feminist

Talking about being a homemaker and her difficult times while bringing daughter Misha Kapoor to the world, she stated, “I had a tough pregnancy, I went to those 5 months of difficult times to bring my daughter into this world. So now I want to spend every moment that I can with her and I think there is a set of responsibilities around my plate and I feel at my age I have a lot more energy, I have my future ahead of me, so I can finish all of my responsibility and I have nothing in my way. I can raise my daughter, I can be a good wife. Nothing will stop me after that. I love being at home, I love being a mother to my child, I wouldn’t want to spend one hour a day with my child and rush off to work, why did I have her? She is not a puppy; I want to be there for her as a mother.”

She also added, “I have a set of responsibilities on my plate and my future is ahead of me. I can finish all my responsibilities and then I will have nothing in my way. I can raise my daughter, be a good wife, and set up my home the way I like. I wouldn’t have it any other way… Empowerment means you have the right to choose. So it’s my choice if I want to be at home. And it’s someone else’s choice if they want to be a working mother. But both are equally valid and neither of them should be shamed.”

Mira shared her thoughts on feminism by saying, “Feminism isn’t woman versus man. It’s about equality. A new wave of feminism has come that is aggressive… I feel it’s destructive. There’s a new term called ‘feminazi’, which is the female equivalent of a chauvinist. I think there should be harmony between the two sexes and equilibrium.”

When Shahid was asked about these comments, he supported her thoughts and justified her.


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