21 Delicious Indian Meals That Can Be Bought For Rs 30 Or Below

21 Delicious Indian Meals That Can Be Bought For Rs 30 Or Below

We Indians love to eat. We barely finish our breakfasts and immediately start planning for lunch. In that scenario, someone with little money can be in a tight spot. However, here are a few delicious and very filling Indian meals that can be bought even in the last week of the month. Basically, even if you’re almost broke, don’t worry because Indian streets will come to your rescue. All you need is a hungry belly and Rs 30 for a mouth-watering satisfying meal.

1) Gol Gappa

Many people may dismiss gol gappa as a snack but these fried little wonders can give you energy for a long time. They’re filling, really appetising and extremely pocket-friendly. They’re available in almost all Indian states. Some street vendors also serve these gol gappas with yogurt. These refreshing and cooling yogurt gol gappas make for a perfect summer snack .

2) Bhelpuri

Hails from Maharashtra but now bhelpuri is available all across the country. This sweet and spicy delight is also very healthy so all those watching their weight can eat it absolutely guilt-free.

3) Momo

Though it originated in Tibet but momo has received roaring welcome from Indians. Many states in north and north-east India dole out steaming hot momos at very affordable prices. The accompanying chili sauce adds that extra zing. A plate of vegetarian momos will cost you around Rs 20 and the chicken variant will cost you around Rs 30.

4) Masala bun omelette

For as low as Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 you can enjoy a scrumptious meal of buttered bun filled with spicy omelette. Trust us, this one is awesomely delicious.

5) Malabari parotta

You will see many stalls on the streets of Kerala selling these heavenly Malabari parottas. They’re loaded with calories and are so delicious that on eating even one parotta you wouldn’t want to eat for a couple of hours after that. These parottas are melt-in your-mouth good.

6) Idli

Neighbouring state of Kerala, Tamil Nadu serves warm, soft and fluffy idlis, sambar and chutney for less than Rs. 30. Served usually on a banana leaf, this is one wholesome and flavourful meal.

7) Pakoras

Not for those running after an hour glass figure but pakodas are easily available at many roadside tea stalls. Pakoras are filling and are available in various styles with different accompaniments in different states. While some places serve pakoras with mint chutney, some serve pakodas with tamarind chutney. At some places the pakoras are served with spicy chickpeas curry or pickled green chilis as well.

8) Jalebi

One of the most loved sweets of all time in India, the taste of the piping hot jalebis is worth millions but it can be easily available for Rs. 20 per piece or at Rs. 20 for a plate of tiny jalebis in Madhya Pradesh.

9) Poha

Another popular breakfast dish in Madhya Pradesh is Poha. The flattened rice is cooked with vegetables and garnished with coriander leaves and lemon. The scrumptious poha is flavoursome and highly affordable. An Ideal meal for rainy days.

10) Dhokla

Who wouldn’t know about dhokla? It is being jokingly said that after Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister of the country, samosa as a snack has been replaced by dhokla in the government canteens. However jokes apart, dhokla is wonderfully soft and fluffy snack hailing from the state of Gujarat. One plate consisting of two pieces is available for just Rs. 30 and it is served with mint chutney and spicy green chilies.

11) Samosa

Just because the popularity of samosa has dipped, no other snack can ever replace somasa during the monsoon season. It is best with a cup of steaming hot tea. For Rs. 20 you can eat as many as four samosas.

12) Stuffed paratha

North Indians love stuffed parathas, especially during winters. Add some butter and tea and it makes for the most pocket friendly and heavenly meal. Burp!

13) Vada Pao

Maharashtra is synonymous with vada pao. From an investment banker to a roadside rookie, vada pao is everyone’s all-time favourite snack. The spicy garlic powder chutney is the cherry on the cake.

14) Parippu Vada

Parippu vada dominates the evening snacks of most of the population of Kerala. These lentil fritters are spicy, crunchy and in just a nominal amount of Rs. 20 you can eat a plateful of this tasty tea accompaniment.

15) Onion Kachori

The colourful state of Rajasthan offers delectable onion kachori. If you’re fond of spicy food then this is a perfect evening meal for you. Eat this spicy delight with some sweet and sour tamarind chutney.

16) Roasted sweet potatoes

Not saying that sweet potato is an Indian vegetable but this healthy vegetable which was originated in South America is available as a spicy snack on many Indian streets. If you want something healthy and filling then binge on a plate of roasted sweet potatoes that are tossed in spices and lemon juice. They’re available for just Rs. 10 and one plate is good enough to fill you up.

17) Poori Bhaji

Poori, Indian fried bread is often served with potato curry or roasted spicy potatoes and is one of the most popular savoury dishes in almost all parts of the country. It’s popular among all the age groups and is served in India during festivals as well. You may often spot passengers in trains carrying poori bhaji for the journey. Many budget restaurants serve this delicious combination for just Rs. 20. People often eat poori bhaji with either pickles or chutney.

18) Thattu Dosa

A highly popular street food in South India, Thattu Dosa is often served with sambar and coconut chutney. Hailing from Kerala, Thattu dosas are famous in Tamil Nadu as well. Beside Thattu dosa, even plain rice dosa and stuffed dosas are available at economical rates.

19) Boiled eggs

Many roadside stalls plate out hard boiled eggs cut into halves and garnished with onions and coriander leaves. Sprinkle some salt and pepper and get ready to pop these delish boiled eggs in your mouth.

20) Bombay sandwich

When hunger strikes and you’re short on money and you’re craving a fusion of India and west then look out for street side stalls. Especially popular in Mumbai and known as Bombay sandwich, this scrumptious meal is available in just Rs. 20 and promises to be tasty from the first bite to the last.

21) Pazham Pori

Consumed with piping hot tea, Pazham Pori (banana fritters) is one of the most famous snacks found in the street stalls of Kerala. Ripe bananas are dipped in a batter made of flour and then they’re deep fried. Say bye to your trim waistline and indulge in this sinful delight.

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