Things Your Future Husband Wants You To Know!

Things Your Future Husband Wants You To Know!

We may or may not have met yet, but there are still some things I’d like you to know. I hope you remember these things all through our life together – because they’re important and true! And I hope that I stand by my words too.

Love always,

Your Future Husband

  1. “Don’t change yourself for anyone in the world… Not even me.”

I will love you for who you are… And if I don’t, feel free to put me in my place!

  1. “You are loved by my family and friends.”

They see how happy you make me and what a wonderful person you are!

  1. “I will always stand by you!”

No matter what happens and who leaves your side, I never will. I will fight the world with and for you!

  1. “I look up to you for the strong woman that you are.”

So don’t ever think that you need to play yourself down to please me.

  1. “There will be times I will lose my patience and say things you don’t want to hear…”

Forgive me if you can at such times… And if I’m completely out of line, tell me!

  1. “You will never have to raise our kids alone…”

You’re not in this alone. They are OUR kids. And we have equal responsibility towards them.

  1. “Don’t ever think you’re inferior to me… In any way.”

We are equal partners. You do as much for this relationship and us as I do – if not more. So don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

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