8 Ways To Use White Eyeliner For Brighter

8 Ways To Use White Eyeliner For Brighter

Sometimes black really can be boring. If you’re bored of your usual eyeliner routine and for the life of you can’t get those wings even, you may want to give white eyeliner a try. This unexpected colour can help brighten your peepers, make you look fresh and awake while giving you a doe-like appearance. Plus, it’s so versatile – there are many ways you can wear it. We give you a few ways to use white eyeliner to change up your look instantly and add oodles of magic to your eyes.

  1. Black On Top And White On The Bottom

Try some double drama by lining your top lids with your regular black and using white along the lower lashline. Notch it up another level by doing a small flick on the top and bottom. Learn how to do the double wing here.

  1. Swap Your Kajal

Stayed up too late binge-watching Modern Family? Just swipe white liner across your lower waterline to instantly brighten your eyes, make them look super fresh and even bigger. Finish off with a bit of mascara to really open up your peepers.

  1. Light Up!

Add a touch of shimmery white eye pencil around the inner corners of your eyes to light them up and help give you a dewy glow.

  1. Ethereal Wonder

Try this soft, angelic look by lining your lids with a shimmery white pencil and then use a shadow brush to blend and smudge it out across your lids. You can go an extra step and retrace the line and extend it into a gorgeous flick.

  1. The Icy Effect

Try this when you seriously want to amp up your eyes. Line them with black all around and then trace your eyes all around with a shimmer pencil in white to really make them pop. Finish off with mascara for some serious drama.

  1. Brighten Your “V”

This is such a simple way of brightening up your eyes as well as your face – just trace the “V” of the inner corners of your eyes with white liner after you have used your everyday black. It’s a very easy but effective way of making your peepers pop.

7.Highlight Those Brows

We don’t need to tell you twice that well-defined brows are pretty much all the rage, and with good reason. Swipe some white liner along your brow bone under the arch of your brow, and blend it in. This helps highlight your eyebrows, define them better and help them look amazing. Plus, they’ll look fabulous in pictures!

  1. Add Some Colour To The Mix

Be warned, this look will make you turn heads and look ultra stunning. Add a twist to colourful wings by first lining your eyes with black and drawing your flick. Then, trace it with a white pencil just above it and apply your coloured liner above that. The white in between both colours really helps the look stand out and adds an unexpected twist.

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