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Modi asks party MPs to spread awareness about BHIM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked party MPs to spread awareness about the BHIM app, a digital payment application, and the benefits of the GST at the grass roots level

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From water consumers to water conservers: How waste water reuse, recycling can reduce water drudgery for women

Pranita Bhushan Udas Somewhere in a mountain village in the Himalaya, a woman folds a taro leaf into a cone, fills it with soil, and sows a seed. She waters

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Uttarakhand HC accords human status to Ganga, Yamuna

The Uttarakhand High Court today accorded the status of “living human entities” to the Ganga and Yamuna, two of India’s most sacred rivers. Exercising extraordinary jurisdiction vested in the court,

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US to ban laptops and tablets on flights

The United States is to ban laptops and tablets from cabin baggage on flights from eight Middle Eastern and North African countries. The measure would affect nine airlines operating out

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FBI head confirms Russia election probe

FBI Director James Comey has confirmed for the first time that the FBI is investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. However, Comey said his agency had seen

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India home to 101 billionaires, Mukesh Ambani tops list: Forbes

India is home to world’s fourth highest number of billionaires with Reliance Industries chief Mukesh Ambani leading the club of more than 100 super rich Indians, according to a new

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Process of filling vacancies of HC judges on war footing: SC

Supreme Court has said the Memorandum of Procedure for appointments to the higher judiciary has been cleared and the process of filling the vacancies in the high courts was proceeding

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Save the small homely bird ‘Sparrow’

Lucknow, March 20: World Sparrow Day, is celebrated all over the world on March 20. The day is being celebrated to create awareness among the people to protect this species

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Trump-Russia claims: US intelligence chiefs to give evidence

In the United States, the heads of top US spy agencies are to testify before Congress about possible links between Russia and President Donald Trump’s election campaign. Federal Bureau of

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World Bank announces 57 bn US dollar for sub-Saharan Africa

World Bank has announced 57 billion US dollar financing for sub-Saharan Africa over the next three fiscal years. Of that total, 45 billion dollar will come from the International Development