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Student Housing – The Next Big Real Estate Asset Class?

Globally, student housing is acknowledged as an important and lucrative real estate segment, generally included under ‘alternative’ real estate asset classes. In its current form in India, student housing essentially

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MGNREGA – Lifeline to millions

 Shambhu Nath Chaudhary Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) has come a long way since its inception and has become a lifeline to millions. The Act was notified

Affordability, Low Inflation & Rising Buyer Confidence Signal Housing Demand Revival

The common industry perception that an increase in capital values fuels housing demand is a misconception. It is affordability that plays an important role in demand for housing. The synergies

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Urbanisation: Can we reconnect our cities with nature?

In pre-modern times, people in Indian cities still coexisted peacefully with nature. Sadly, in the current real estate development scenario, we have definitely witnessed an increasing separation between nature and

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From water consumers to water conservers: How waste water reuse, recycling can reduce water drudgery for women

Pranita Bhushan Udas Somewhere in a mountain village in the Himalaya, a woman folds a taro leaf into a cone, fills it with soil, and sows a seed. She waters

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Empowering Women Key to Achieving Sustainable Development in Hindu Kush Himalaya

Kamala Gurung and Golam Rasul  Empowering women and ensuring gender equality is more than just a development goal. It is vital to advancing human development and achieving sustainable development. Sustainable

What lies ahead for the Pune Property Market

Kishor Pate, CMD – Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd. Pune’s real estate market is the stuff of legend, and justifiably so. All the five main verticals of the property sector –

A New Chapter Opens for Indian Luxury Housing

The residential real estate sector in India has had its ups and downs for two years now. Negative news about real estate seem to be all the rage with the

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Indian Millennial Homebuyers: The Times Are Changing

Anil Pharande Everything that your parents may have communicated to you about owning a home may be incorrect if you are a millennial under the age of 35. However, don’t

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Don’t wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don’t…

Interview with a budding writer on his new book,  ‘Take my heart, forever…’  Questionnaire for author interview: – 1.How does an idea for a story come to you? When I

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