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Telecom Industry set for new revolution

Hellooo… call sastaa hoyenga, drop nahin hoyenga, data unlimited hoyenga, speed fast hoyenga, wifi sastaa hoyenga… Hellooo. The consumer, the King, is in for good times. When Reliance Jio disrupted

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Beginning of Narendra Modi epoch in India

Emphatic and clear victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the Hindi speaking states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand is the beginning of a new era of politics that if

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Can India become a Hindu Nation?

  Many felt uneasy particularly the intellectual class when BJP decided to name Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of U.P. Mr Yogi a popular figure in Eastern U.P who

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Yogi faces challenges and opportunities in U.P

Anser Kidwai After years of wandering in political wilderness, UP is back on the rails with the BJP getting a massive mandate in the recent elections. This marks the BJP’s

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Yet another attempt to resolve Ram Temple

Is the question of Ram Temple at Ayodhya an intractable one? The Supreme Court has offered its good offices to mediate between the two parties. Even though there is euphoria

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Will Yogi deliver “hard Hindutva” message or development of all 

Choice of the BJP to pick 44-year old Yogi Adityanath as the Uttar Pradesh chief minister is baffling to many and surprising to others but to me he was the

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GST may become a reality soon making India a single market

Yashwardhan Joshi The Bharatiya Janata Party’s ‘Achche Din’ have started rolling. After registering its biggest win in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections,  the BJP is on the road to rolling

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Yogi Adiyanath: Miles to go with hitch ride in UP

The appointment of hardliner Hindu ideologue Yogi Adityanath as Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has come as a surprise for all, even within the party while it is drawing lots of

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Congress revival possible only by building leadership at local levels

View from the Gallery It has no more time for introspection if the Congress party has to revive itself as it is time for action. Two important lessons to flow

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BJP win in UP has many lessons for regional parties

Anser Kidwai  The electoral sweep in UP has stunned the rivals and stupefied the pollsters and star-gazers: the Modi-Amit Shah duo has done it within three years off 2014 verdict.

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