If you haven’t already noticed, shoulders are now an important fashion focal point. Off the shoulder tops are popular for both day and evening, but what’s really taken off are cold shoulder tops. Here’s a few that work well for our over 40 lifestyles

Cold shoulder tops are less dramatic and easier to wear than an off the shoulder top. Think of a t-shirt or a blouse that has peek-a -boo cut outs at your shoulders and upper arms. Women like the cold shoulder style because it gives decent coverage, but you also get that sexy touch of skin which adds some allure.

Whether it’s a blouse, sweatshirt or a simple t-shirt like this blue one, a cold shoulder top is easy to wear because after all, who doesn’t have beautiful shoulders?

Imagine wearing a breezy, print shoulder top down by the beach, at an outdoor café, or when you’re out walking around some cute little town on a hot summer weekend. This is flirty and fun.

Cold shoulder tops are very feminine, especially when they have big billowy sleeves. The bonus is they keep you cool and comfy when it is hot out. You can wear them with just about anything. I like the look of one worn over jeans, especially when the top is a little loose and flowing.

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