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About Us Clipper28 introduction.

Clipper28 introduction

Nothing except CHANGE is permanent they say.Likewise,as the time progresses,everything keeps on changing. And guided by the Mother Nature,we the human beings, also go through a change or metamorphosis spontaneously.Those who do not accept this natural transformation,they perish over a period of time.

Taking a leaf out of this natural philosophy,we,as a media group,also realize that unless and until we transform ourselves,it would be virtually impossible to survive in this ever changing media fraternity.

Rapid advent of new and more new technology every hour in the business of information,We have to keep pace with the new and state of the art method of communication.

Hence after enjoying more than 26 Years in the field of print media, We felt that in every person there is a talent journalist,He She is keen to whisper that instinct of journalist,to everyone around,whatever one has seen and felt in the vicinity.

It is an undoubtedly,the need of the contemporary era that the feelings of a common person should be projected globally,and now it has become a global demand also.Looking to the afored said demand

We have conceived a venture to enter into Digital Media with the brand name Clipper28.Our targeted age group, encompasses to all those who are Eight Years onward, and we are launched it on !9 August,2015.

How Clipper28 works

Clipper28 is a mobile and computer basis media through Apps. Anyone can send any news or information with his or her identity, if one feels to be getting it viral to the World through our administration panel, it would be done within 5 minutes,Our Editorial team will edit the news as required to suit the new media,and it will be pushed to our worldwide subscribers at regular intervals.


Clipper28 is beneficial to all the users.Globally all individuals can send their news and there interest-based information and happenings from any corner of the Globe.

The value of any information is judged by the rating.Secondly,Clipper28 provides a podium to everyone to showcase his or her creativity to the global users,by which any one can be benefited in the process.

Students,pursuing their professional courses may project there research work in the global domain. Why only students Any Professional or non-professional can also use Clipper28 Apps site to showcase his or her talent to the global market.

As we know that Digital India is a dream project of our Dynamic Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi and if we want to transformed his dream into reality.

Every cross-section of society has to come forth and join this initiative.We have already taken a step ahead on Digitization and we are literally feeling proud of it.

style=”text-align: center;”>At the same time we need your all whole hearted support as well,to promote and make Clipper 28 a successful venture for the Nation Building.Our dream is set, portal is ready,team is committed,we know we can and we will do it –TOGETHER!