An emerging designer from Nagaland making waves in fashion scene

An emerging designer from Nagaland making waves in fashion scene

Sense of fashion and style comes naturally to the people of northeast, especially the youngsters, be it about making a personal statement or following trends, people from the region are known for their impeccable sartorial sense.

Similarly, a 23-year-old from Zeliang community, Nagaland, Achunbo Chawang, a dynamic and an upcoming fashion designer from the northeast region has already set a benchmark in a sartorial world.

Achunbo, a self taught designer, started sketching and designing during his school days for family, friends and relatives for special occasions.

However, this talented young lad got his first breakthrough from the costumes he designed for Purple Fusion’s vocalist Lamtsala H Sangtam in their “Hoy Hey! You Came Along” official video.

Since then, there’s no looking back for Achunbo and he has found a niche in the fashion industry with more shows and designs in hands.

“Well, first I gave myself to music, I played piano and then in the year 2010, for Mr. International India, I was there as a viewer and I was keen to see those dramatic costumes of different states of India. That’s where I got the feeling for the fashion and that same year, while I was in the hostel, I started sketching, then later on, I started stitching for my own dress and my family members. That’s how I started my career in fashion industry’, said Achunbo.

A multi-faceted persona, Achunbo is not only a fashion designer and a pianist but also a photographer.

His Unique Selling Points (USP) are clean cut and chickness. He designs for both men and women.

His first preference is ready-to-wear garments, followed by bridal wear.

“In India, within Delhi, I have done once for NE festival and once for Northeast Fiesta which is in Saket Select City Walk and then, once in Punjab collaborated with Wills Lifestyle last year. And this year, I did for Vientiane wow fashion week 2017 in Bangkok. I am not sure how many shows I have done so far. Maybe around 15 to 16 shows”, added Achunbo.

When asked about his experience at the recently concluded Vientiane Wow Fashion Week 2017 in Bangkok, Achunbo said, “To be honest, I think I never deserved to be there and to represent India because there are more deserving fashion designers from India and also from NE Nagaland. But I was pre-told by the prayer warriors, I am a Christian and so I believe in prayers, that I’ll be going for international for higher level. So I agreed with that. And within few months, I got a call from Bangkok and then, they came to Delhi. They told me to get five garments for my representation and then I was selected that day itself for the show.”

For his designs showcased at the fashion week in Bangkok, Chawang drew inspiration from humanity. The concept and colour patterns of his designs were inspired by Mother Teresa, who symbolized peace and humanity.

Apart from that, some of his spectacular designs including his showstopper costumes worn by one of the Chinese actress, Chawang used an embroidery technique from his own community, called ‘Nethuinina’.

“Being in the fashion industry, most of them say like fashion is more about art and something else but for me, I think I go more into humanity. In most of my garments, you will see very formalities in those dresses, not so much open cut. You will see mostly casuals, office wears and wedding garments for white bridal. For me, traditions, they gave me more creativity and for my concept, I think mostly I take inspiration from monuments because there are lots of patrons there. So I love to travel more, I want to shoot pictures and from there, I get inspired,” added Achunbo.

The unisex designer, apart from clothing lines, has designed a custom made hand bags for both the gender, making a way forward to launch more designs.

Such young innovative and success is an inspiration and blessings to many especially the youngsters to follow their passion and dreams and be the example setter.

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