Fashion Rules That every Dusky Girl Should Break

Fashion Rules That every Dusky Girl Should Break

Hey ladies, since you’re reading this, we assume that you too are you blessed with gorgeous dusky skin! If yes, then you sure must’ve been given a long list of what and what not to wear, by everyone that’s obsessed with ‘fair and lovely’. But don’t let your skin tone restrict you. So, we have a list of 10 fashion rules dusky women should break to own their skin colour like a boss! After all, rules are meant to be broken!
#Rule 1: Red pout is not for dusky women!

Those who say a red pout is not for dusky women have definitely not seen Lisa Haydon rocking the look! Admit it girls, we all want at least one red lipstick that can pep our look instantly. So dusky girls, don’t be shy, a red lip can totally transform your look and complement your skin tone perfectly!

#Rule 2: Steer clear of whites


While people might tell you to stay away from white coloured clothing, we beg to differ! White stands out beautifully against olive skin and makes dusky people look even more attractive. So stop contemplating and go buy that white summer dress now!
#Rule 3: Don’t wear gold jewellery


Unlike the myth, gold accessories look super hot on dusky skin. The bronze glow of your skin blends in perfectly with the golden shimmer and looks awesome on you!
#Rule 4. Say no to neons


Don’t listen to the haters girl, neon is totally your colour. Bright neon colours will look great against your skin tone and make you stand out wherever you go! If you have any doubts, just think about Beyonce rocking the look like a diva. Trust us ladies, it’s totally worth giving a try!
#Rule 5. Don’t show too much skin!


Really girls? Are you going to let your skin colour determine what you wear? We say, ditch the rules and (if you want) indulge in strappy tops, shorts or slitted maxis. Show off that gorgeous glow!
#Rule 6. Stick to dark tones, always!


Um, why? When we have the whole spectrum to choose from. It is a ridiculous fashion rule that dusky people should wear darker shades. If you like, you can opt for brighter colours such as orange, red, yellow and pink. They’ll get you all the right attention!
#Rule 7. Not so much sequins, please!


Ladies, you need to break this rule right away, because you know you look fabulous when you wear your favourite sequinned dress! Bling earrings, sparkly dresses, rhinestone shoes – all of them look awesome. Shine on!
#Rule 8. Stay away from loud prints!


If this picture of Deepika Padukone does not give you enough reasons to break this rule, we don’t know what will! Doesn’t that dress look amazing on her? Clearly, wearing (or not wearing) printed clothing has nothing to do with your complexion!
#Rule 9. Pastels are not for you!


What?! Pastels look amazing on everyone – no matter what your skin tone is! Choose from mints, pinks, yellows and off whites – all of them will look amazing on you.
#Rule 10. Don’t Wear Black Sunglasses!


Dusky women are advised against wearing black sunglasses, because apparently, it blends in with their complexion. Yes, we know, it’s absurd! Break this rule right away and put on those kala chashmas now. Wink

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