There are lots of gym, yoga center and workout place everywhere but you have to think more about your fitness goal…going to gym is not enough…what you need is you have to plan your routine …time table is must.. Take your meals time to time and in proper way …not less and not much…need to know your body demand…our body requirement in proper quantity of nutrient and maintain a balanced diet chart.
Readers don’t be confused …here i explain what to do in simple way…

  1. First of all join any gym or yoga classes or online workout in whatever in your comfort zone.

  2. Cardio vascular exercise on regular basis besides workout

  3. To eat five times a day about every three hours to stimulate spike metabolism including two mini meals between their three basic meals.
  4. Drink 2 or 3 liters water in a day.
  5. Take steam bath in a week.
    Besides all don’t take tension be happy and take proper sleep.
    So this is the basic mantra of fitness…all the best and keep fit.
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