House condemns behaviour of Amit Jogi, others by voice vote

House condemns behaviour of Amit Jogi, others by voice vote

Raipur, March 02
Chhattisgarh State Assembly passed a reslolution brought by Parliamentary Affiars minister pointing out the behaviour and activities of Amit Jogi, Siyaram Kaushik, Rajendra Rai bringing disrepute to the honour of House. The resolution was passed by voice vote on Thursday.
Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ajay Chandrakar just after adjournament of the House brought a resolution stating that there had been regular violation of the Parliamentary and established norms in the House by Amit Jogi, Siyaram Kaushik and Rajendra Rai. The Chair has been ignoring the incidents being a new member and unaware of the established written and unwritten traditions of the House, which has been run for the last 16 years.
Citing his example, Chandrakar said that when he was a new member of House the then Chair had asked not to wear T-shirts in house, which is being followed. But Amit during protest before the statue of Mahatma Gandhi had brought outsiders during the protest and had shown disrespect to the National Anthem, use of information technology and social media to bring out the deleted materials, wearing dress which is objectionable and spraying of the Ganga water in the house. Even protest before the Chamber of Chief Minister in assembly premises, for first time in history of the House. For the last three years several of his acts have been pardoned but now a strong worded action be taken by the chair on the issue.
Congress leader Bhupesh Baghel said that House represents the 2.5 crore people and the leaders representing them have the right to raise the issues in the House but within the limits of its traditions and precedences set. The House has never been impure instead it has already been pure then issue of impurity does not arise. By spraying of the ‘Ganga Jal’, he has also hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindus as it only the Hindus having tradition to spray the holy water and raised the question that had Amit converted. The other religions has its own traditions. He said that in democracy one can get agitated to place any issue in the House but one cannot cite it a reason to go hayware to violate the traditions. Baghel said that he has been pained after the incident of spraying of the Ganga jal in the house.
Prem Prakash Pandey said that House is an important place and Speaker is the supreme authority even this has been accepted by the then Jawaharlal Nehru in the Lok Sabha. There has been traditions set in the Parliament and others which has to be followed without being questioned, which have become traditions. The House is a secular body and one cannot act is such manner which hurts the feelings of any religion. One has to follow the traditions enshrined to enter a temple, mosque and church, so is the House and behave properly within the limits. There are written, unwritten and traditions which are set in the House.
Leader of Opposition T S Singhdeo said that there can be political difference and also in thought process. One can use different modes to remain in media but there are traditions set for the House to run and operate which has to be followed by each member. There has been reports of different kinds of behaviour shown in media regarding the breaking of desks, pulling microphones and even physical assaults in the House. It was the father of Amit Jogi, former Chief Minister Ajit Jogi had suggested that those entering the well of House will be declared suspended by self, setting an example for the country. Even in Lok Sabha disruptions by entering the well of House had caused problems as for days no business were conducted. So Chhattisgarh had followed some traditions which each member should respect it and follow it. There would be chaos like situation of one does not have any restriction, which can be detrimental but as a human being one has to follow the rules set so to remain social. He added that member can seek apology for his acts being a public representative and set an example to maintain the relationship. The act of pulling others collars over an issue cannot be justified but regret can help to settle the matter.
Replying to the resolution, Amit Jogi said that he has not shown any disrepect to the National Anthem but had raised the issue of Mother Chhattisgarh in few lines. He cited the story of two friends told by Rabindranath Tagore regarding the ills of liquor. He said that Ganga Jal has power to purify all the sins and citing the couplets he said that sin of a King not keeping his promises will not be purified by the Ganga jal. Chandrakar meanwhile said that he had not raised any allegations against the member but raised the incidents which had happened in the premises of State Assembly and was witnessed by all the members of House.
Shivratan Sharma said that Amit is trying to justify the act of his and which cannot be accepted. Speaker then placed the resolution for voice vote and passed it with majority.

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