How can you discipline your child without spanking?

How can you discipline your child without spanking?

1. Be calm but affirm:

You may be angry because of your child’s behaviour and you want to explain that it is wrong. Firstly, you must calm down and get quiet. When you speak to your child you need not yell but be firm while you speak. Make sure they understand that it is not right.

2. Give them a choice:

Let your children feel that they are the ones who decide for themselves. Give them a choice and let them decide. Let the option be such that they understand they are doing something wrong.

3. Use logical reasoning:

You don’t want your child to be scared of you. Explain your child about what went wrong, and how can it be rectified. This will teach your child to be responsible.

4. Withdraw from the conflict

When your child is disrespecting you to stop him/her you may want to spank. But you could move out of the place of conflict and show your disapproval of the behaviour. Your child would come back and speak to you when both of you are calm.

5. Inform your child ahead of time:

Your child may show out his/her tantrums when s/he feels uninformed and powerless in a situation. When they already know about something they would feel responsible. It will make them oblige as you have shown your trust to them.

Don’t let your child’s self-esteem go down because of your aggression. There are several alternatives, you may find them by yourself. But be a parent who is supportive to the child and not someone who the child fears.

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