Karan on Kajol: Sometimes there is an expiry date to your friendship, we’ve reached ours

Karan on Kajol: Sometimes there is an expiry date to your friendship, we’ve reached ours

The recent public fallout between filmmaker Karan Johar and his best friend for 25 years, Kajol became the talking point for many. Karan even spoke in detail about the fallout in his autobiography, An Unsuitable Boy.

In an interview Barkha Dutt at Town Hall, Karan was asked about Kajol to which he said, “I think enough has been said about me and Kajol. In fact, a lot of which I have said myself…in fact she has not said anything. I felt the need to speak because I felt the need to just express myself on that issue and I think I’m done expressing myself. So about Kajol, I just have to say that we’ve had a 25-year old friendship and relationships end, friendships sometimes come to a close. And ours has. That’s all pretty much what the status is and the status will be that.”

He added, “It is sad. There is nothing happy about it. I feel sad. I have a great amount of respect and love for her. That will always remain. It will never go away. But sometimes, there is an expiry date to your relationship or your friendship, and we’ve reached ours. But that doesn’t mean it can ever take away from the times we’ve shared, from the work we’ve done, for the love we have for each other. And the love I have for her and her family, her mother and her sister.”

When asked about Ajay, he said, “I have no relationship with that man. I have never known him, I never did. He was always her husband, he was not my friend. He’s not even an acquaintance. He’s just a man in her life and I will always respect that. Which is why I will never say anything about them or him.”

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