ladies might enjoy over 20 orgasms in a row

ladies might enjoy over 20 orgasms in a row

Multiple orgasms are quite common among females while making out with their partners, but a study has revealed that around seven in ten women may achieve as many as 20 orgasms during sex.
According to researchers, two percent women, reported being able to climax 20 times in a single session while eight percent claimed to have more than ten during sex, reports the Mirror.

Celebrity sexual health couple Dr David Delvin and Dr Christine Webber asked 1,250 women aged between 20 to 24 about their orgasms in an online survey.

“We knew that very large numbers of women have problems and anxieties about the subject of orgasm,” said Harley Street doctor Christine Webber.

“Many men and women, including, alas, some doctors, still believe the myth that for all women, being penetrated by a penis which goes in and out should be enough to make them orgasm,” Webber added.

Despite the majority regularly achieving between one and four orgasms, four out of five were unable to reach orgasm through penetration alone and require clitoral stimulation.

A small amount of women, 12 percent, reported experiencing pain during orgasm, known as dysorgasmia, with most feeling cramp-like pain in their abdomen, but others claimed to feel it in their head and bottom.

Ejaculation was also found to be common among women, with just under half of those questioned reporting to have experienced it at some point in their sexual lives.

“We also found that ejaculation of fluid at the moment of orgasm is quite common,” Dr Delvin stated.

The results also revealed, nearly 40 percent of women said that they had done it at some stage in their lives.

“For most women the clitoris is the key to sexual pleasure. So if you have a sexual partner, do communicate what feels good for you,” Webber added.

“Doctors used to think that multiple orgasms were quite rare. But in our survey, 70 percent of the women had had them,” Dr Delvin explained.

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