Pregnancy Bloopers You Must Avoid

Pregnancy Bloopers You Must Avoid

With actress Kareena Kapoor Khan getting close to her due date to deliver a baby, pregnancy has become a widely discussed topic. Ever since she announced her pregnancy, she has been social media’s most favourite kid. “One should not eat for two people,” Kareena said in her recent interview. In fact she and her friend Rujuta Diwekar, the well-renowned nutrition and wellness expert, in an hour-long online talk, a conversation on food, fitness and pregnancy, spoke about the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy.

Both insisted that no two pregnancies are the same, and one shouldn’t blindly follow a diet plan because a celebrity endorsed it. Kareena also said that food and a good diet is a very personal experience, and what she craves might not be what you would ever want to eat. “I crave for bittergourd. I like the fact that it has a slightly pungent, bitter taste to it,” she says in the video which was posted on Rujuta Diwekar’s Facebook page.

There are many myths and rituals attached to what to eat when you are pregnant, and many women find themselves facing a huge dilemma about dietary changes during their pregnancies. From eating more than the usual amount to gorging on western food, pregnant women try one and all. And then, they have their moms and mothers in law giving lectures on what they should and shouldn’t do. While there is no particular written rule on things to do during pregnancy, here are few pregnancy bloopers that various dieticians say you must avoid.

Eating for two
Your daily calorie requirement is roughly between 1800 to 2000 calories. A tiny fetus growing inside you doesn’t for sure need those many daily calories to grow. So, relax when your aunt tells you that you should eat more, else your baby will go hungry. However, your baby definitely needs the right nutrition. Consult your ob-gyn about the kind of food you must have. She will give you diet chart considering what you have consumed through your life, the place you reside in among other things. Gaining excess weight during pregnancy can put you at risk of gestational diabetes and various other health problems.

Self medication
Do you know there is a list of medicines, from paracetamol to antacids that you are not supposed to take during pregnancy? In fact even acne creams can cause issues if not taken under doctor’s guidance. Self medication can have adverse affect on your pregnancy. Using over the counter medications, self medicating or undergoing harsh beauty treatments could lead to abnormalities in your baby, warn doctors.

Resisting temptation
While following a healthy diet is good, it is important to succumb to your craving as well. True, putting a check on your sweet intake will help you prevent the chances of suffering from gestational diabetes and other problems. But if you have a sweet tooth, go ahead and have a piece of Swiss chocolate or your favourite flavor of ice cream. Saying absolute no to your favourite sugar candy will increase your anxiety levels. And anxiety is one thing that can harm your baby’s well-being.

Not exercising
So, your mother insists on not taking stairs? She might have told you that your water would break or that it is risky to exercise during pregnancy, but your mother for a change is wrong. Not exercising during pregnancy can harm your body. Exercise helps to combat stress hormones, boosts circulation, prepare the body for delivery and help in fetal growth. Various studies say that swimming is a great exercise for pregnant women. You must try it, of course under the guidance of a qualified trainer. (Also read: ​Weight Loss Struggle: What To Do When You Want To Give Up )

Compromising on sleep
Many women work till the last day of pregnancy. Though there is nothing wrong in it, it is also important to ensure that work pressure doesn’t steal you of your sleep. Pregnant women need more rest than others as during pregnancy body undergoes a lot of hormonal and physical changes. Less sleep would in fact add to your pregnancy-fatigue. Many feel that once they have their babies, they cannot do their fun things and thus end up taking too much vacation. Though going on vacation is absolutely fine during your second trimester, ensure you catch up on the required hours of sleep. In fact, after your baby arrives, sleep is one thing you might have to forget for a while. Why not use your pregnancy time to sleep well?

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