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Need to sort out your marriage? Fix a Fight App at service

Fix a Fight : When the whole world is completely dependent on technology, then why to worry about the problems in a marriage. The apps will do the job for

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Porn addiction may hamper your relationship

Porn addiction : Do you love watching porn in alone time? You may need to stop it, as a study finds, self-proclaimed porn addicts may struggle to maintain a romantic

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Transgender children have strong sense of identity since childhood : Study

According to a new study, acquiring knowledge about one’s gender is considered a critical part of early childhood development. In one of the first examinations of early gender development among

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Marriage , children, not that important for millenials

In stark contrast to the generation before them, young adults are turning away from Marriage and children so as to pursue education and career. A recent report titled The Changing

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ladies might enjoy over 20 orgasms in a row

Multiple orgasms are quite common among females while making out with their partners, but a study has revealed that around seven in ten women may achieve as many as 20

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How moms’ parenting stress takes its toll on sex lives

You can’t predict what life will be like with a new baby, but if it turns out stressful, you can kiss your sex life goodbye, as per a new study.

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These five simple steps can make anyone fall in love with you

Follow these five simple steps to make anyone fall in love with you. According to psychotherapist and author M. Gary Neuman, there are five easy and scientifically proven ways to

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12 Things Every Woman Wants to Tell Her Mother-in-Law

Think mother-in-law and you instantly get an image of a disapproving woman, sitting on the sofa, ordering another woman – most probably her daughter-in-law – around. Blame Indian television for

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Friendship between young-older adults can limit ageism

Treating older adults with an inbuilt prejudice has been our society’s problem from quite some time. However, here is how ageism can be countered in young adults. According to a

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Here`s why a doting lover can be good for your health

For those entering adulthood, the quality of your romantic life can affect your health, according to a recent study. The University at Buffalo-led research team found that high-quality relationships are