AAEA bats for speed data recorder in automobile

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Guwahati: Understanding the concern of millions of automobile users in India following the death of a high-profile entrepreneur in a recent road accident, All Assam Engineer’s Association (AAEA) bats for more advanced safety features in the vehicles, particularly those run with 80 (or above) kilometer per hour speed.

The issue of seatbelts in the rear seat of a vehicle has been discussed aggressively, but the forum of graduate engineers emphasizes on installing speed data recorders in the vehicles designed to move faster on the highways.

The engineer’s forum also urges the concerned company (Mercedes Benz that manufactured the vehicle and faced the tragic accident in the post-midnight hours, to clarify if the inbuilt safety measures like crash sensors, airbags (both frontal and side), side-curtain bags, anti-lock brakes, traction-control, electronic stability control, lane-keeping assist, forward-collision warning, brake assist, automatic emergency braking, tire-pressure monitor, etc were installed in the car and all those measures functioned properly.

The affected vehicle was reportedly running at around 140 kmph (which is still above the permissible limit) and the forum believes that the accident reconstruction experts would be able to reveal the actual speed of the vehicle just before the accident. AAEA president Er
Kailash Sarma, working president Er Nava J Thakuria and secretary Er Inamul Hye in a statement argue that the modern automobile manufacturers should think of installing speed data recorders (similar to the flight data recorder) in the speedy vehicles.

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