Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Babbu Maan is ruling iTunes Music Charts

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Babbu Maan is not only ruling the fans hearts rather ruling iTunes Music Charts
Babbu Maan is winning the hearts of millions and the list is continuing. His songs are always a great hit. His 9 Albums are trending on Pan India iTunes Album Charts. It is a matter of great pride that no singer in India with such album count till now it trending on iTunes all together. It is a history and a record in itself. Breaking all the records Babbu Maan is achieving new every time with his releases.
His fans are always high for its new releases. Recently the album Adab Punjabi was released on April 25, 2022 and is ruling the iTunes Album Chart* The complete album ‘Adab Punjabi’ is trending on iTunes, consisting of total 10 songs and the exciting part was, no track name was revealed before and directly amazed the fans with a tracklist during its release.*

Babbu Maan never disappoints his fans, rather always excites them and gives them something worth listening to and entertains them with the best.

His fan following is increasing every day from every corner of the world and let’s have a glimpse at the album trending chart. The album is trending at No. 1 In India, Australia, Canada, Malta, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, UAE, Saudi Arabia, ranking 2 in Oman, 3 in Italy, 4 in UK, 7 in Ireland, Malaysia & Sweden, 15 in Australia, 31 in Spain, 67 in US, 70 in France, and 83 in Germany.
If you have not tuned to the album yet, then you are missing something vital. Click on the link below and enjoy the best 10 songs from Adab Punjabi.


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