BJP Over ‘Agnipath’, Stinker For Nitish Kumar, Security For Leaders

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The BJP on Saturday accused the Bihar government, in which it is a senior partner, of “not doing anything” to address the violence surrounding the ‘Agnipath‘ plan, while the central government pledged extra protection for the party’s leaders in the state.

The national government has given two MPs and eight BJP legislators, including two Deputy Chief Ministers, the third-highest ‘Y’ Category security after a major backlash against the short-term military recruiting programme that has enraged job applicants.

According to BJP sources, Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the decision to provide additional security because he is dissatisfied with the way Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar handled the situation in the last three days, when party offices were attacked and police failed to control angry mobs.

Bihar has seen the most violence among states since the programme was revealed on Tuesday, with demonstrators setting trains on fire, vandalising stations, and destroying BJP leaders’ offices, houses, and cars.

The demonstrators are outraged because the Agnipath initiative will lay off 75% of the recruits after four years, with no conventional retirement benefits that make India’s military forces a desirable option for rural youth.

The increased protection for BJP leaders came after the state party chairman, whose home was vandalised by ‘Agnipath’ demonstrators a day earlier, chastised the state administration for what he called insufficient measures to quell the state’s violent rallies.

Sanjay Jaiswal appeared to criticize Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, whose Janata Dal (United), or JDU, is in an alliance with the BJP in the state, in particularly harsh remarks, adding, “Everyone has the right to demonstrate, there’s nothing wrong with it, we all have various points of view. Giving demonstrators a free hand, and the administration doing nothing to prevent damage on a leader’s property, is not acceptable.”

“When we phoned the fire department, they stated fire trucks would only come if the local administration officer allowed it,” a clearly enraged Jaiwal told reporters on Saturday, alluding to state officials’ failure to prevent the attack on his home in Bettiah, Bihar, on Friday.

“We are members of the state government alliance, but nothing like this has ever happened in the country, it only happens in Bihar. As a BJP leader, I deplore this incident, and if it continues, it will be harmful to everyone “According to the Bihar BJP chairman,

The demonstrators also vandalised the homes of Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Renu Devi and other BJP offices.

JD(U) national leader Rajiv Ranjan alias Lalan Singh reacted angrily to the remarks, accusing the party’s ally of unduly blaming the state administration for the protests.

“A decision was made by the central government. Protests are also taking place in other states. Young people are anxious about their future and have taken to the streets to demonstrate. Of obviously, violence isn’t an option. We are unable to accept violence. However, the BJP should pay attention to what these young people are concerned about. The BJP, on the other hand, is criticizing the administration. What would the government do in this situation?” In a video statement, Ranjan stated.

“What role does the administration play in all of this? A disgruntled BJP is blaming the administration for the demonstrators’ failure to control their rage “”Ranjan explained.”

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