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“Don’t travel by Air India on Nov 19 or..” Khalistani in a threat video

"Don't travel by Air India on Nov 19 or.." Khalistani in a threat video

In a video message that recently surfaced on social media, Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun has issued a warning to individuals planning to travel by Air India on November 19.

Pannun’s threat stated, “We are asking the Sikh people not to fly via Air India on November 19. There will be a global blockade. On November 19, don’t travel by Air India or your life will be in danger.”

It is to be noted that the date of the final match of the ongoing cricket World Cup, which is scheduled to take place in Ahmedabad, India, is on November 19 as well.

Pannun, was born in Amritsar, Punjab and currently serves as the chief of the banned US-based Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) outfit and has been under the National Investigation Agency’s (NIA) scrutiny since 2019.

The NIA filed its initial case against him, alleging that he played a pivotal role in promoting and commissioning terrorist activities, creating an atmosphere of fear and terror in Punjab and other regions of India through his threatening and intimidating tactics.

Pannun’s video message not only targeted Air India passengers but also hinted that Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport will be closed on November 19. He also declared a potential name change for the airport and said, “The name of this airport will change from Indira Gandhi Airport to Shahid Beant Singh and Shahid Satwant Singh Khalistan airport when Punjab will be liberated.”

On October 10 2023, Gurpatwant Pannun warned Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to learn from the Israel-Palestine conflict to avoid a similar “reaction” in India. Pannun claimed that people living under illegal occupation from Punjab to Palestine would react, and said that “violence leads to violence.”

A special NIA court previously issued non-bailable warrants for Pannun’s arrest on February 3, 2021, ultimately declaring him a “Proclaimed Offender” (PO) on November 29 2021, signifying his fugitive status. In response to these threats, the Indian government and law enforcement agencies will remain on high alert, and are expected to implement heightened security measures as the November 19 date approaches to ensure the safety of travellers and uninterrupted operation of the IGI Airport particularly during the highly anticipated World Cup final.

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