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Fodder Scam: Former Bihar CM Lalu Prasad Yadav Convicted

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Fodder Scam, Former Bihar CM Lalu Prasad Yadav Convicted in the Doranda treasury case. A special CBI court in Ranchi has convicted announce the quantum of punishment

Twenty four other accused in the case have been acquitted by the court, while thirty five others have been awarded jail term of less than three years by judge S K Shashi.

Ranchi Doranda treasury scam is related to the illegal withdrawal of Rs 139.35 crore from Doranda treasury, and is the biggest fodder scam of the country.

In 1996, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) opened an investigation into the Doranda fodder scam, accusing 170 persons.

The CBI called seven of them as government witnesses, and 55 of them died. Two of the defendants confessed before the court announced its decision, while the remaining six remain at large. The verdict on the other 99 defendants was still pending.

In the Doranda Treasury case, Lalu Prasad was joined by former MP Jagdish Sharma, Dr R K Rana, Bihar’s then Animal Husbandry Secretary, Beck Julius, and Assistant Director of Animal Husbandry Department K M Prasad.

In the previous four instances involving the treasuries of Dumka, Deoghar, and Chaibasa, Lalu Prasad Yadav was sentenced to twenty-seven years in prison. In all of the cases, he was later granted bail by the Patna High Court.

While the RJD chief was the state’s chief minister, a Rs. 950 crore fodder scam occurred in Bihar’s Animal Husbandry department. In 1996, the CBI opened 53 separate investigations into the scheme.

What is the scam about?

The fifth fodder scam case, RC/47A/96, is considered the most significant due to the largest amount of money involved (Rs.139.5 crore) and the longest period of fraudulent withdrawals from the Doranda treasury (from 1990-91 to 1995-96). Lalu is one of the 99 defendants in the lawsuit.

The funds are fraudulently taken out in the pretense of purchasing fodder, medicines, and animal husbandry equipment for the animal husbandry department (AHD).

On February 17, 1996, a case (60/96) was filed with the Doranda police station in connection with the case.
The Patna high court ordered a CBI probe into the case on March 11, 1996. The state government had petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn the order, but its request was denied.


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