Former C.G. CM Dr. Raman Singh Admitted to AIIMS

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In a significant development, the health of former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh has taken a downturn, leading to his admission to Delhi’s renowned All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). The veteran politician was taken to AIIMS on Thursday for urgent medical care and evaluation.

Dr. Raman Singh himself shared the update on his health via a tweet, revealing that he had been in Delhi for the past few days. Following medical advice and to exercise caution, he underwent a routine check-up at AIIMS, which led to his immediate admission to the hospital.

The news of Dr. Raman Singh’s hospitalization has garnered widespread attention, with well-wishers, political associates, and the public expressing concern for his well-being. Having served as the Chief Minister of the state, Dr. Raman Singh holds immense respect and popularity among the people of the region.

As of the latest report, Dr. Raman Singh’s condition is said to be stable. A team of medical experts is closely monitoring his progress and providing the necessary medical care. Further updates on his health are eagerly awaited.

During this monsoon season, Dr. Raman Singh also urged everyone to take adequate precautions and prioritize their safety amid heavy rains. His thoughtful concern for public well-being even during his own health struggles reflects his dedication to the welfare of the citizens.

The entire state is united in extending heartfelt prayers and good wishes for a speedy recovery of the former Chief Minister. As more information becomes available, updates on Dr. Raman Singh’s health and treatment will be promptly communicated to the public.

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