Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Government of India blocks 16 YouTube ‘News’ Channels

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Government of India blocks 16 YouTube ‘News’ Channels, According to an official statement, the Centre on Monday shut 16 YouTube channels, including six from Pakistan, as well as a Facebook account for disseminating disinformation about India’s national security, foreign relations, and public order.

The prohibited YouTube channels and Facebook accounts had a combined readership of over 68 crore people and were distributing “false, unverified information to instigate communal strife and disturb public order in India.”

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting published a statement.

It went on to say that “none of the digital news publishers have sent information to the government as required by Rule 18 of the IT Rules, 2021.”

According to the government, several of the blocked India-based YouTube channels uploaded content that referred to members of one religion as terrorists and incited animosity among diverse religious communities.

“Such content was found to have the potential to create communal disharmony and disturb public order,” it said.

Multiple India-based YouTube channels, according to the government, were releasing unsubstantiated news and videos that had the potential to cause fear among diverse parts of society.

According to the ministry, the prohibited YouTube channels headquartered in Pakistan were discovered to have been utilized in a coordinated effort to spread false information about India on a variety of topics, including the Army, Jammu and Kashmir, and foreign relations in light of the conflict in Ukraine.

“From the perspectives of national security, sovereignty and integrity of India, and India’s good ties with foreign States, the content of these channels was noted to be utterly incorrect and sensitive,” the ministry stated.

Last week, the ministry issued a warning to private television news outlets, advising them not to make false allegations or use scandalous headlines.

MRF TV LIVE, Saini Education Research, Tahaffuz-e-Deen India, and SBB News are among the YouTube channels that have been blocked.

AjTak Pakistan, Discover Point, Reality Checks, and The Voice of Asia are some of the Pakistani channels.

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