Hindu New Year being celebrated today

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Hindu New Year: Telugu speaking people across the world are celebrating their Telugu New Year day, Ugaadi today. People are observing the customary festivities the traditional fervour and gaiety.

The festival is being celebrated across the two states, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to mark the beginning of the Hindu Lunar calendar. Due to Covid -19 Pandemic, people celebrated the festival on a low key during the last two years.

In Karnataka, it is Ugadi festival in the state today. Ugadi symbolises the beginning of the New Year as per the Hindu calendar. Ugadi falls on the first day of Chaitra, which is the first month in the traditional Hindu calendar.

Hindu New Year: Traditional Hindu Calendar

It is the time of the year that heralds in the spring season. On the special day, people wake up before sunrise and take a ceremonial oil bath. The entrance of temples, homes and shops are decorated with flowers and mango leaves.

Colourful rangolis in front of the houses is a common practice on this day. An important aspect of the occasion is the ‘Panchanga Shravana’ or hearing of the Panchanga.

It is read by the priests at the temples or by the eldest member of the family at home. On this day, based on the moon sign, predictions and annual forecasts for the New Year are also made by the learned pandits and astrologers.

Hindu New Year: Bevu Bella

Prayers are offered to the Sun God before consuming ‘Bevu Bella’, a dish that holds much significance in Ugadi celebrations. Bevu means neem and bella is jaggery.

The mix of neem flower and jaggery is a symbolic dish that signifies the essence of life that comprises both bitterness and sweetness which needs to be faced bravely.

In Maharashtra, Gudi Padwa is being celebrated today in the state. Gudi Padwa has special significance in Maharashtra.

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