Hunter Biden charged for gun purchase & making false statements

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Hunter Biden, the son of U.S. President Joe Biden, is facing legal trouble. He’s been accused of lying when he bought a gun in Delaware five years ago. Specifically, he said he wasn’t using illegal drugs at the time, but now he’s facing two charges for making false statements about it.

There’s also a third charge, which claims he illegally had the gun because of these false statements. This could mean up to 10 years in prison. These charges were brought by David Weiss, a Special Counsel from the Justice Department, who’s been investigating Hunter Biden since 2018.

This comes after a deal in July that fell apart. In that deal, Hunter Biden agreed to plead guilty to minor tax charges and was offered probation because he’d already paid his taxes and penalties. In return, Weiss agreed to drop the gun charge if Hunter Biden completed a program called “pretrial diversion,” which often involves counseling or rehab.

But things went south in a hearing on July 26 because of concerns about potential extra charges related to Hunter Biden’s business in Ukraine, China, and other places. The judge even mentioned the possibility that Hunter Biden could be charged with lobbying for foreign governments without registering properly. Three weeks later, Weiss dropped the tax charges and said there would be new charges in other states. He also said an indictment for the gun charge would come by the end of September.

These legal issues have affected Joe Biden’s campaign for re-election. Republicans have accused Joe Biden’s Justice Department of protecting Hunter Biden and have criticized Weiss, who is a Republican appointee, for being too easy on him.

Additionally, on September 12, House Republicans started an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden. They claim, without strong evidence, that when Joe Biden was Vice-President from 2015 to 2016, he helped protect a Ukrainian energy company called Burisma, where Hunter Biden was on the board. Republicans say the Biden family profited from their involvement with Burisma.

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