IndiGo Tops List for Highest Technical Snags in a Latest Report

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IndiGo, a prominent player in India’s domestic aviation sector, has recently come into the spotlight for reporting the highest number of technical snags, followed by Air India, Go Air, SpiceJet, and Akasa Air.

What does the report says?

The latest data shared by Minister of State for civil aviation Gen. (Retd) VK Singh, reveals a concerning trend. As of July this year, a total of 338 technical snags have been recorded across various domestic carriers, and IndiGo emerges as a significant contributor to this statistic.

Rise in numbers: 

This isn’t the first time IndiGo has topped the list. In 2022, the airline also contributed the most to the total tally of technical snags among domestic airlines, with SpiceJet and Vistara trailing behind. The collective tally for 2022 stood at 546 reported technical snags.

Zooming back to 2021, IndiGo once again took the lead, narrowly surpassing SpiceJet in terms of reported technical snags. A total of 544 such incidents were recorded that year.

What causes such technical issues? 

Minister VK Singh’s response in the Rajya Sabha sheds light on the underlying reasons behind these technical glitches. These snags can arise due to malfunctioning components or equipments installed within the aircraft. Correcting these issues is crucial before the aircraft can be safely put into operations.

The regulations and measures:

Regulations mandate that operators must report all instances of technical snags to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). These occurrences can arise from various factors, including equipment malfunctions or weather conditions. Certain events, such as air turn back, aborted takeoff, or a go-around, are decisions taken by pilots to ensure operational safety and prevent potential incidents or accidents.

The data emphasises the need for stringent maintenance protocols and proactive measures to address these issues and maintain the highest standards of safety and reliability in domestic air travel.

Image by Shantanu Agrawal

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