Italian Cheese Maker Crushed to Death Under Cheese Wheel

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A 74-year-old cheese factory owner named Giacomo Chiapparini from Italy met a tragic fate when he was crushed to death by wheels of cheese. The incident happened in a warehouse near the city of Bergamo.

Chiapparini was a well-known maker of Grana Padano cheese, similar to parmesan, which is loved by many in Italy. He was in the warehouse on a Sunday evening, where about 15,000 cheese wheels were being stored as they aged.

Suddenly, a big shelf that held the cheese wheels fell down. These wheels were quite heavy, about 20kg each, and they all came crashing down.  It was a terrible accident that buried Chiapparini under the falling cheese.

A friend of the deceased, named Bortolo Ghislotti, who lived nearby, said that Chiapparini and his son Tiziano went to the warehouse because a machine that cleaned the cheese wheels had made a noise. They wanted to check if everything was okay. After they fixed the problem, Tiziano left the warehouse, but his father stayed to restart the machine. Just moments later, everything fell down on him.

Rescue workers from the fire brigade came quickly, but it was very difficult for them to save Chiapparini because there were so many cheese wheels on top of him. A spokesperson from the fire brigade explained that they had to remove each cheese wheel by hand, one by one, to find his body.

Ghislotti, who was also a friend of Chiapparini, said that something like this had never happened before. Even during an earthquake in 2012, many cheese wheels fell, but no one died.

Now, the authorities are trying to figure out what made the shelf collapse. They also need to know whether Chiapparini was crushed by the heavy cheese wheels or if something else happened to him.

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