Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Kiren Rijiju says teamwork between Legislature, Executive & Judiciary 

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Law Minister Kiren Rijiju says Teamwork Between Legislature, Executive & Judiciary, Speaking at the National Judicial Conference on Mediation and IT in Gujarat, Kiren Rijiju also emphasized the “urgent need for mediation given the high number of pending cases in courts”

Kiren Rijiju also mentioned the “urgent need for mediation, considering the large number of pending cases in courts,” and said the Mediation Bill was now being debated by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Justice.

“When judges sit in court, they work independently, whereas we make laws when we convene in Parliament.” And, as members of the executive, we are committed to seeing things through. However, execution will be problematic if there is a lack of cooperation between the government and judiciary. “The problem is one  people must have justice,” he added. “Whether we deliver justice in courtrooms or go to someone’s house in a village to give justice, the issue is one people must get justice.”

“I thus believe there must be teamwork between executive and judiciary Since Chief Justice of India N V Ramana has come to this position of being elevated as CJI, there has been such great coordination of the judiciary with the executive,” the minister pointed out.

During his speech, the Minister addressed concerns made by a number of parties about court pending cases, emphasizing the importance of alternate dispute resolution procedures such as mediation. Ordinary litigants struggle with the procedures of the judicial system, so it is crucial that they do not have to wait long. He noted the Mediation Bill 2021, which was introduced in Parliament in December 2021, and stated it might offer “transformative changes” in this regard.

The Mediation Bill has the potential to be transformative. The measure is currently referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Justice; once it is returned to the government, we will push it through with all required revisions and comments. The Minister stated, “We received useful information from current and retired Supreme Court and High Court Judges.” “With vast numbers of ongoing cases before various courts from the lowest court to the Supreme Court, it’s urgently felt by everyone that we should look into ADR,” he said, adding that mediation has been part of the Indian heritage since the Ramayana and Mahabharata days.

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