Mumbai’s famous eatery ‘Bademiya’ shut down by FDA

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In a recent development, the popular eatery joint ‘Bademiya’ in Mumbai has been closed down by authorities following a raid by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The iconic 76-year-old restaurant, situated behind the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Colaba, South Mumbai, is renowned for its delicious non-vegetarian dishes, including kebabs and Baida Roti.

The FDA took this action after receiving multiple complaints regarding hygiene concerns at the restaurant. During the inspection, FDA officials made some shocking discoveries in the kitchen. They found cockroaches and rats, which raised serious concerns about the cleanliness of the establishment.

In addition to the hygiene issues, it was revealed that ‘Bademiya’ did not possess a valid food license, as required by The Food Safety and Standards Act. This lack of proper licensing compounded the problems for the eatery.

The FDA also collected samples of both prepared food and raw materials used in the restaurant’s kitchen. These samples have been sent for quality testing to determine if there are any food safety violations.

As a result of these findings, the FDA has ordered the immediate closure of ‘Bademiya’ until they obtain a valid food license and address the hygiene issues. The establishment has been directed to rectify these errors before resuming its operations.

The owner of ‘Bademiya’ acknowledged that their license was renewed during the Covid lockdown period. However, he explained that they had applied for a new license for the subsequent period. When questioned about the hygiene problems, the owner assured that they would take extra precautions in the future to ensure the safety of their customers.

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