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Nets ready to take first steps to NBA Playoffs

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Nets ready to take first steps to NBA Playoffs in Play-In Tournament vs. Cavs, In a play-in game on Tuesday night in New York, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Brooklyn Nets will compete for the seventh spot. It’s time to continue our NBA odds series with a prediction and pick for the Cavaliers vs. Nets matchup.

The Cavaliers finished the season with a 3-7 record in the final ten games, with injuries being a major factor in their problems. The Cavs now face the Nets, who have a massive challenge ahead of them. Jarrett Allen, who has been out for a month due to a fractured right finger, is unlikely to return. Allen’s availability to play is in serious doubt after he continued to feel pain when warming up a few days ago. As a result, if the Cavaliers must play another game on Friday, Allen has a higher chance of participating. On the plus side, Evan Mobley has returned to the Cavs and is ready to help in any way he can. Even yet, Allen will be missed by the Cavs for his evident defensive instincts and rebounding.

The Nets have had an eventful season. Due to the vaccine mandate in New York City, Kyrie Irving was unable to play for a significant portion of the season. Kevin Durant, of course, missed a few of games due to injuries. Then there was James Harden’s trade to the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for Ben Simmons. Durant and Irving are now available for the Nets, but Simons is still out. Both the stars and the supporting cast have a good relationship. The Nets did indeed win four straight games to qualify for the play-in tournament.

Rondo not only scored six points, but he also dished out 13 assists. Both have postseason experience, which makes them important commodities. As a result, both players must step up their game in order to stop Durant and Irving. Allen’s injury created a huge hole on defence. In this instance, the Cavs will need help from all sides to prevent the dynamic combination from annihilating them.

Also, the Cavs must hit their shots from beyond the arc. Last week, the Cavs were defeated by the Nets, 118-107. They were down 15 points early in that game, but fought to take a third-quarter lead. In the end, the Nets made a comeback and won the game. Cleveland must hit shots consistently and prevent cold periods.

If Garland and Mobley convert their chances, the Cavaliers will cover the spread. In addition, the Cavs must dominate the rebounding battle. Love must revert to his former self in order to restrict Durant. Rondo must prove his worth off the bench and lead the Cavs.

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