PM Modi praises engineers for their vital role in nation building

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On the occasion of Engineer’s Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a heartfelt tribute to the engineers of India, acknowledging their indispensable contribution to the nation’s development and progress. Engineer’s Day is observed annually on September 15th to commemorate the birth anniversary of the illustrious engineer and administrator, Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.

In his message, Prime Minister Modi praised the innovative thinking and unwavering dedication of engineers, which he described as the bedrock of India’s advancement. He noted that engineers have played a pivotal role in PM every facet of the nation’s growth, from the construction of awe-inspiring infrastructure to groundbreaking technological breakthroughs.

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, born in 1861, was hailed as a visionary engineer and statesman. His legacy continues to inspire generations of engineers to innovate and serve the nation. He is widely recognized for his pioneering contributions to India’s infrastructure development, including the construction of dams and irrigation networks that have been crucial to the nation’s growth.

The theme for this year’s National Engineers’ Day is ‘Engineering for a sustainable future,’ emphasizing the critical role of engineers in addressing contemporary challenges such as environmental sustainability and climate change. This theme underscores the importance of engineering in finding sustainable solutions to complex global issues.

National Engineers’ Day serves as a powerful reminder of the value of engineering in our daily lives and its impact on the growth and modernization of the country. It not only celebrates the dedication, creativity, and achievements of engineers but also encourages current and future generations to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation.

As the nation celebrates Engineers’ Day, it recognizes the pivotal role that engineers play in shaping the future and driving progress in India and beyond. The occasion inspires young minds to consider engineering as a career choice and highlights the importance of engineering in solving the world’s most pressing challenges.

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