Prashant Kishor announces plans for political outfit

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Prashant Kishor announces plans for political outfit, Prashant Kishor’s revelation of preparations for a new political organization may be the result of disenchantment or dismissal, as the case may be. On the day the West Bengal assembly election results were announced last May, Prashant Kishor, also known as PK, announced on Twitter, exactly a year later, the formation of a front, Jan Suraj, saying it was “time to go to the real masters the people,” saying it was “time to go to the real masters  the people.” He is anticipated to make his “starting from Bihar”.

Prashant Kishor move comes just a few months after his ‘Break’ from the Congress.

PK turned down the Congress’ offer to join them after a slew of presentations and over 200 emails indicating widespread suspicion that he would do so. The Congress, with its numerous aspirations and egos, was not willing to provide him with a connection to only the Gandhi’s and a free hand.

He attempted to start a similar outfit in February 2020, when he split away from the JD(U), where he was vice-president at the time while Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was in charge. Nitish, who catapulted Kishor to the party post, had a strong relationship with him. But PK and Nitish split up after a year and a half, not before the former accused him of betraying the beliefs and objectives for which he had battled. ‘Baat Bihar Ki’ was launched in 2020 with the goal of getting to know the people of Bihar and determining what they desire. Its goal was to bring together like-minded people to “help Bihar reclaim its rightful place,” as he put it at the time.

In the present, Prashant Kishor is expected to use his Jan Suraj to re-establish contact with the people of Bihar. This move comes on the heels of rumours that Nitish and the Rashtriya Janata Dal, a former JD-U ally, will form a coalition after Nitish paid a visit to former chief minister Rabri Devi’s house for an Iftar party after five years. Recently, there has been discussion of Nitish’s split with the BJP, with the saffron party stating that it wishes to rule the state alone in the long run.

While it’s unclear what Jan Suraj will do next, sources close to the organization say it isn’t planning on running for office right now. The political organization might be used to tap into Bihar’s rising and perhaps “disillusioned” aspiring youth. Many leaders are waiting in the wings, like Chirag Paswan and Tejashwi Yadav, but PK might now add to the pandemonium.

Prashant Kishor has already said that he has no ties to the Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC) and that a new line of leadership has been established with three directors, which is already overseeing TRS’s election campaign in Telangana next year. Many members of the I-PAC have told that PK is still their mentor.

Prashant Kishor may not be able to wield the magic wand he used to wield as a poll strategist amid the political quagmire, particularly in Bihar. Has he taken a vacation from choosing his clients, as he has been on the winning side in the past? As he himself stated on Twitter. Perhaps the beginning will come from Bihar, one of PK’s roughest and most difficult jobs to date.

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