Prashant Kishor says no political party, Announces ‘Padyatra’ in Bihar

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Prashant Kishor says no political party for now, announces “Padyatra” in Bihar, Prashant Kishor, a political strategist, announced a 3,000-kilometer “padyatra” in Bihar on Thursday, but said he will not join a political party at this time.

He stated that, in keeping with his previous statement about working for the people, he will begin travelling across Bihar on October 2 to learn about the difficulties that people face. His tour would begin at the Gandhi Ashram in West Champaran. During a news conference, he remarked, “In the next 3-4 months, I’ll meet many notable personalities of Bihar who can assist build the idea of ‘Jan Suraaj’ (good governance) and make them part of it.”

Prashant Kishor added that there will be no elections in Bihar in the near future and that forming a political party is not in the cards. He stated that if a political party is founded, it would not be named after him, but he will work with those who do.

Prashant Kishor had lately declined the Congress invitation to join the party, claiming that the party needed leadership and the desire to implement reforms more than he did. He told reporters, “It’s up to Congress to decide how they want to work in the future, not me.” He went on to say that the party “doesn’t need any Prashant Kishor” since it already has “even more talented people” who “know what they’re doing.”

“Bihar is the most backward and poor state in the country, even after 30 years of Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar leadership,” PK stated of his campaign. On many development indicators, Bihar remains at the bottom of the country. If Bihar is to become one of the leading states in the future, it would require new ideas and new actions.”

Last week, he talked of “turning a page beginning in Bihar,” which sparked speculation about the formation of a new political party. “My quest to be a meaningful participant in democracy and assist develop pro-people policies has taken me on a ten-year rollercoaster trip. As I turn the page, it’s time to go to the Real Masters, THE PEOPLE, to better grasp the difficulties and the way to “Jan Suraj”-Peoples Good Governance,” PK stated.

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