Rahul Gandhi Announces Yatras From October

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Rahul Gandhi acknowledged the Congress‘ “relationship with the people has been severed” during the three-day ‘Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir,’ but warned the party must not rely on “short-cuts” to repair it.

Rahul Gandhi stated that the party must face reality and strive hard to reconnect with the people. “We will have to acknowledge that our relationships with the public have been destroyed, but the people realize that the Congress is the only party that can lead the country forward,” he remarked on the final day of the Congress strategy meeting Chintan Shivir in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

He claimed that there is no quick fix for reuniting with the people, and that the party will have to work hard at it. “Spend months with farmers and labourers, not just one or two days,” he urged party members and officials.

He promised party members that he would fight alongside them against the BJP. “I’ve never been corrupt, I’ve never taken money, and I’m not afraid to fight,” Gandhi said.

He warned that India hasn’t fully grasped the ramifications of restricting freedom of expression, accusing the BJP and RSS of becoming authoritarian and hazardous to the country.

“Unlike the BJP and the RSS,” he continued, the great old party is chastised for permitting internal discussions in which members can tell the leadership how they feel.

The Congress scion recognized many issues the party is experiencing and presented a plan to resuscitate and excite it in a protracted address that alternated between Hindi and English.

Rahul Gandhi asserted that India is a union of states, saying, “It is vital for the country’s unity that the states and the people have the opportunity to talk. The only alternative to a discourse between Indians is for Indians to fight each other “he said.

He claimed that numerous institutions were being “systematically destroyed.”

“We shall be in real difficulty the day this country’s institutions stop working, the day this country stops talking to itself,” he added.

Rahul Gandhi claimed that the country’s demographic dividend is at risk of becoming a demographic calamity, and that the BJP leadership is to blame.

Rahul Gandhi stated that regional parties cannot fight like the Congress, emphasizing the necessity to develop itself as a formidable and key national opposition party. “This is an ideological battle that no regional party can win.

The BJP will talk about the Congress but not about regional parties since they recognize their importance but cannot defeat them because they lack that philosophy. This is a war for the country’s survival “he stated.

Recognizing the party’s strategy’s flaws, Rahul Gandhi stated that communication is one area where the BJP excels. He claimed the BJP has more money and is better at engaging with the public. He continued, “We need to revamp our communication and engage with the people.”

He accused the BJP-led Centre of manipulating the country’s vital institutions and silencing views. He said that the judiciary had been misled, that the Election Commission’s arm had been bent, and that threats and intimidation had been used to muzzle the media.

He described Pegasus, an Israeli military-grade spyware, as “a technique to silence and suffocate the political elite.”

“We have witnessed the damage that the farm laws have produced in Punjab. This country’s youth were promised jobs, but unemployment has never been this high,” he remarked.

“It is our obligation to go among the people and convince them that they are being separated, which is not good for the country. It can only be done by Congress. Nobody in the country of any class or creed can claim that Congress has shut them out “According to Rahul Gandhi .

On Sunday, the Congress passed a ‘Nav Sankalp,’ a road map for wide-ranging reforms in the party’s structure in preparation for the next round of assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

Around 400 party leaders, including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, are attending the Chintan Shivir, which was called in the wake of the party’s recent five-state election defeat.

According to sources, the Udaipur conclave would concentrate on a time-bound and action-oriented reform process within the party.

Following its massive brainstorming session, the Congress established the one-man-one-post norm with several modifications.

However, the Working Committee, the party’s top decision-making body, rejected the plan for a Parliamentary Board to replace the Congress Election Committee, which was a main demand of the rebels.

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