Rahul Gandhi seen at Night Club in a viral video

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Rahul Gandhi seen at nightclub in viral video, A day after Rahul Gandhi, the Congress MP from Wayanad, was spotted attending a wedding in Kathmandu, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party  and the opposition Indian National Congress have engaged in a Twitter war.

In the midst of communal riots in Rajasthan, where the BJP is in control, BJP leaders circulated the video on Twitter on Tuesday and blasted the Congress leadership.

“When Mumbai was under attack, Rahul Gandhi was in a nightclub. He’s in a nightclub at a time when his party is going off the rails. He is dependable “Amit Malviya, the Incharge of the BJP’s IT cell, sent out a tweet.

“Intriguingly, hit jobs on their Prime Ministerial candidate began immediately after the Congress refused to outsource its presidency,” Malviya stated.

However, the Congress then claimed that Rahul was in Nepal to attend a ceremony and questioned if having friends is a crime.

However, some BJP leaders had already taken potshots at the former Congress president by the time Congress issued the statement.

Kiren Rijiju, a Union minister, questioned Rahul, an MP, for “preaching others” while supposedly partying.

“Regular parties, vacations, holidays, pleasure trips, private foreign visits, and other activities are increasingly commonplace in the country.” There’s no problem as a private citizen, but when you’re an MP, a permanent ruler of a major political party who keeps preaching others” Rijiju wrote on Twitter.

Responding to the barbs, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala claimed Rahul had been to Nepal to attend a wedding and that attending a wedding is “not a crime in India.”

“Last I checked, Rahul Gandhi travelled to a friendly country Nepal to attend a private wedding celebration of a friend who also happens to be a journalist,” Surjewala added. “Having relatives and friends and attending wedding ceremonies is a part of our tradition and civilization.”

Surjewala hit back at the BJP, saying that the saffron party may now determine that it is “illegal to attend a wedding and a criminal to have friends.”

“But do let me know,” he joked, “so that we may modify our status and civilizational habits of attending weddings of our friends and family members.”

The video comes a day after the Congress used its official Twitter account to take potshots at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over a variety of issues, including the country’s power crisis.

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