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Ravi Shastri reacts after Yuzvendra Chahal reveals he was bullied in 2013

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Ravi Shastri reacts after Yuzvendra Chahal reveals he was bullied in 2013, Former Team India head coach Ravi Shastri has reacted to Yuzvendra Chahal’s shocking disclosure that he was dangled from a balcony by an inebriated teammate.

Chahal stunned everyone when he confessed that in 2013, an intoxicated Mumbai Indians teammate strangled him on a balcony and that other players had to intervene to get the situation under control.

Chahal revealed an unpleasant incident that occurred during his stint with the Mumbai Indians in 2013 to his Rajasthan Royals teammates Ravichandran Ashwin and Karun Nair.

“I was with the Mumbai Indians in 2013.” In Bengaluru, we had a match. Following that, there was a get-together. I’m not going to mention the extremely inebriated player. He was quite inebriated, he was staring at me and simply calling my name. In a video shared by Rajasthan Royals, Chahal informed Ashwin and Nair, “He dragged me outside and dangled me from the balcony.”

“My arms were wrapped around him. I was on the 15th floor if I had lost my grasp. Suddenly, a large number of people who were present arrived and brought the situation under control. I almost passed out.”

Chahal began his career with the Mumbai Indians before joining Royal Challengers Bangalore for a base price of Rs.10 lakh in 2013. Before being released in 2021, the leg-spinner had established himself as an important member of the RCB side.

Chahal’s latest complaint comes after he detailed another incident of physical harassment from 2011 while speaking on a Royal Challengers Bangalore podcast earlier this year.

The Royals leg-spinner said he was tied up by his then-Mumbai Indians teammates Andrew Symonds and James Franklin, had his mouth taped, and then locked in a room for the rest of the night.

“They were so lost that they taped my mouth and forgot about me completely during the party. Then they all left and, in the morning, someone came to clean the room and saw me, and called a few others and untied me.

Ravi Shastri has reacted to Yuzvendra Chahal’s shocking revelation of being dangled from a balcony by a drunk teammate.

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