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Sherri Papini Husband Files for Divorce

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Sherri Papini Husband Files for Divorce, According to court papers in Shasta County, Keith Papini is seeking a divorce from his wife Sherri Papini, a Redding mother who reportedly admits to fabricating her kidnapping in 2016 and lying to the FBI about it.

The dissolution of marriage documents, as well as Keith Papini’s plea for temporary custody of the couple’s two children, were filed in Shasta County Superior Court on Wednesday.

In the application, he stated that he wishes to shield his two children from “the detrimental influence of their mother’s popularity.”

Irreconcilable differences are the legal grounds for divorce. Russell Swartz, a Redding attorney, is representing Keith Papini.

According to the complaint, Keith and Sherri Papini divorced on March 3, the same day FBI investigators arrested her. Late that night, her family issued a statement through Utah-based publicist Chris Thomas, expressing their complete support for her and slamming police authorities for the manner in which her arrest and announcement were handled.

The phrase “the family” was not defined in the sentence. Because Thomas did not respond to a request for clarification, it’s unclear whether Keith Papini was involved with or represented by Thomas.

According to the filing, Sherri Papini is staying with a family in Butte County

Sherri Papini has pleaded guilty to federal misbehavior and “is under tremendous strain with national media attention on her case,” according to Keith Papini, who resides in Mountain Gate.

“This family has been catapulted into the national headlines as a result of the well-publicized acts of my wife, Sherri Papini,” Keith Papini writes in his declaration.

“Now that I know the truth, as evidenced by her plea deal with the US Attorney’s Office in Sacramento,” he stated, “I must act quickly to protect my children from the pain created by their mother and restore stability and serenity to their lives.”

“The damage put on our children as a result of their mother’s untimely death was tragic,” Keith Papini continued.

To offer context for the court, a Record Searchlight piece from April 14 was cited in the court papers.

Sherri Papini was discovered roaming along Interstate 5 north of Sacramento tied with chains on Thanksgiving Day 2016, after going missing for 22 days.

She said police she was kidnapped at gunpoint by two Hispanic women who held her captive, blindfolded her, cut her hair, and branded her.

Sherri Papini was residing at an ex-house boyfriend’s in Orange County during her disappearance, according to a federal court document.

In March, she was charged with fraud and lying to the FBI.


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