Satish Kaushik

Sanvi Malu, Accuses her Husband Poisoning Satish Kaushik

Sanvi Malu, the wife of millionaire businessman Vikas Malu, has accused the businessman of being complicit in Satish Kaushik's death in a letter to the Delhi Police Commissioner. Sanvi Malu, the wife of the owner of the farmhouse where Satish...

Satish Kaushik dies of a heart attack at 66

Satish Kaushik, an actor-filmmaker, died of a heart attack early Thursday morning, according to his close friend and industry colleague Anupam Kher. He was 66. According to Kher, Kaushik complained of feeling uneasy when visiting a friend in Delhi. "He felt...
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Strong earthquake tremors felt in Delhi

After a large earthquake rocked Afghanistan this evening, several north Indian states felt severe tremors that lasted several seconds. People...
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