Threatens Letter Suicide Attack During PM Modi’s Visit to Kerala

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Kerala has been placed on high alert ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arrival after the Bharatiya Janata Party state headquarters received a threat letter. The letter threatened PM Modi with a suicide strike during his visit to Kochi.

The threat letter also included the sender’s name and other information. The man described in the letter has been recognized by police, although he has denied any participation. In addition, he alleged that his opponents used his name to frame him. He said, “The letter was sent using my name. A church dispute is the cause of the problem. After he had a fight with a woman at the last family unit meeting, I questioned the person who allegedly sent the letter, and he left angrily, threatening me.”

However, security measures have been increased, and central investigation agencies have sought new information. According to BJP state president K Surendran, there has been a severe security breakdown because a 49-page report prepared by top Intelligence officials of the Kerala Police has been leaked. He has, however, stated that all scheduled functions will take place.

On April 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to visit in Kochi. A day later, he would travel to Thiruvananthapuram to inaugurate the inaugural Vande Bharat Express train in Kerala. During his visit, the Prime Minister will hold a roadshow and speak at a public meeting.

The BJP state unit, which is organizing a spectacular reception for the PM, released a poster on Facebook announcing his visit, stating the “world leader” was coming to Kerala and tens of thousands of people would participate in a massive road show in Kochi on April 24.

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