Tom Cruise turns 60,Some facts about the star 

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On this day, Tom Cruise turns 60. He has ruled millions of hearts with his charisma and good looks over the course of a career spanning more than four decades. Even after all these years, his ageless on-screen persona and sense of style have managed to keep him current. The world will never see another action hero like him, according to some.

The actor has continued to make headlines for a variety of reasons, including his films, personal life, and controversies. And yet, despite the fact that they no longer create stars like him, he remains a favourite of many. Let’s look at some incredibly fascinating facts about the “Top Gun” star on this memorable occasion. Tom Cruise was born and raised in a religious Catholic family. Therefore, his first career preference was to become a priest at the age of 14.

The actor for “Maverick” didn’t learn to read until he was an adult. He learned about the Church of Scientology in the late 1980s, when he first learned to read. He says the religion helped him with his reading difficulties. He stated on numerous times that his severe dyslexia prevented him from reading.

When he spoke to People, Cruise stated: “I felt as though I had a secret the entire time I was in school and long into my career. I used to hide my learning problem from the other students when I transferred to a new school, but I would eventually be assigned to remedial reading.”

Surprisingly, Tom Cruise has never won an Oscar, though he was nominated three times for films such as ‘Magnolia’, ‘Jerry Maguire’, and ‘Born on the Fourth of July.’

When rumours of his homosexuality were rampant in the press, Tom Cruise reportedly married Nicole Kidman, his second ex-wife, to shield his reputation. When gay porn star Chad Slater said he and Tom were dating, the rumours got started. These rumours turned out to be untrue in the end. In an absurd coincidence, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, and Mimi Rogers, all three of Cruise’s ex-wives, were 33 years old at the time of the divorce.

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