Twitter India Blocks Accounts of Pakistan Embassies in Turkey, Iran & Egypt

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Twitter India has blocked the official accounts of the Pakistani embassies in Turkey, Iran, Egypt, and the United Nations. Twitter had already blocked Radio Pakistan’s account, a national public broadcaster.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting recently shut 16 news channels on YouTube, including 6 that were based in Pakistan, for “promoting falsehoods pertaining to India’s national security, foreign relations, and public order.”

According to the Ministry, these YouTube channels were disseminating erroneous, unverified material to sow discord among communities and undermine public order in India. The restricted accounts include six YouTube news stations with Pakistani origins and ten with Indian origins, with a combined viewership of nearly 68 crores.

India had already criticised Pakistan for spreading false information on websites like Facebook and Instagram. Despite constantly receiving criticism from the international community for its violations of human rights, Pakistan continues to spread propaganda to delegitimize India on the international stage.

It was discovered that several bogus accounts made by Pakistanis, in addition to the government accounts there, are using hashtags to target India’s esteemed institutions.

These accounts flagrantly disseminate false material with the express intent of maligning India. They modify their username after advancing the agenda. It seems like everyone who was supporting this agenda effort was stealing content from one another to advance the false narrative.

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