Ukraine Claims Coup Is Underway To Overthrow Russia’s Putin

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Ukraine Claims Coup Is Underway To Overthrow Russia’s Putin, According to the chief of Ukraine’s military intelligence, a coup to depose Vladimir Putin is already underway, and Russia will lose the war by the end of this year.

Major General Kyrylo Budanov, 36, believes defeat will mark the end for Russian President Vladimir Putin, with the conflict’s ‘breaking point’ arriving in late summer.

‘Most of the active combat will have ended by the end of this year,’. It will finally result in the Russian Federation’s leadership changing.

This procedure has already started. As a result, we will restore Ukraine power across the board.

General Budanov’s remarks are the most upbeat assessment provided by a Ukrainian official since the conflict began on February 24.

He derided Russia’s army as “a mob of individuals with weapons,” and claimed that “this well publicized Russian force is a fantasy.”

Putin is reportedly’ very ill with blood cancer,’ according to an unidentified Russian oligarch who confessed to a Western colleague.

The millionaire, whose identity has been suppressed for his own protection, is claimed to have been secretly taped expressing his displeasure with the ‘crazy’ president’s invasion of Ukraine.

General Budanov, who correctly predicted Russia’s invasion earlier this year, also said Putin is dangerously unwell, claiming he is in “extremely bad psychological and physical state” and “quite sick.”

Putin’s health has been the subject of much speculation since he launched his invasion, with his bloated face attributed to cancer treatment with steroids.

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